Oil, Gas, and Metallic Mineral Regulatory Information

Administration of the State of Iowa’s laws and regulations governing oil, gas, and metallic mineral exploration and production are assigned to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The specific laws and rules are Code of Iowa Chapter 458A, and the Iowa Administrative Code Energy and Geological Resources [565] Chapter 51. Copies of these laws and rules can be downloaded from the Iowa General Assembly Homepage by searching under the Iowa Law and Court Rules, and the Administrative Rules sections of the general assembly homepage.

According to these laws and rules, operators are required to obtain a drilling permit from the department, and to file specific forms with the department. Procedures to apply for a permit to drill or deepen a well for oil, gas, or metallic minerals are contained in Summary of Procedures for Oil, Gas, and Metallic Minerals Operations are provided online.  All forms pertaining to the regulations governing oil, gas, and metallic mineral exploration and production are listed below.  The Iowa Department of Health regulates radioactive down-hole logging in Iowa.

FORM IGS-1 Application to Drill or Deepen a Well for Oil, Gas, Metallic Minerals, Geological Information, Storage of Dry Natural Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas
FORM GSB-2 Organization Report
FORM GSB-3 Bond for Conformance with Laws, Rules and Regulations Governing Oil, Gas, and Metallic Mineral Operations in the State of Iowa
FORM GSB-3a Release of Bond
FORM GSB-5 Sundry Notices and Reports on Wells
FORM GSB-6 Well Completion of Recompletion Report and Well Log
FORM GSB-7 Well Plugging Record
FORM GSB-8 Report of Oil Production
FORM GSB-9 Producers Certificate of Compliance and Authorization to Transport Oil or Gas from Lease

For additional information or questions pertaining to oil, gas, and metallic mineral exploration and production contact:

        Robert D. Libra
        State Geologist
        Iowa Department of Natural Resources
        502 E. 9th St.
        Des Moines, Iowa 50319
        Phone: 319-430-2954