Iowa Urban Tree Council

polk blvdThe Iowa Urban Tree Council (IUTC) is a volunteer council that works to advance the conservation and maintenance of urban forests throughout Iowa. The Council provides assistance and advice to the state urban and community forestry program, administered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). We work in partnership with all sectors to address local urban forestry issues by bringing together professionals, academics, government, industry, volunteers and the general public.


Urban and Community Forestry has been defined by the Iowa Urban Tree Council (IUTC) as the planning, planting, and maintenance of trees and forest ecosystems within Iowa communities.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that trees and forest ecosystems are vital components of Iowa communities, the mission of the Iowa Urban Tree Council is to provide guidance, leadership, and assistance to public officials, professionals, volunteers, and organizations in implementing urban forestry solutions.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

In 2013 the Iowa Urban and Community Forestry Council became a non-profit. With our new status we have had a name change and are now the Iowa Urban Tree Council. This process was done so the council could become more active in advancing urban forestry throughout Iowa. 

With the Council's 501(c)(3) status it can now accept donations.
If you would like to support the Iowa Urban Tree Council's mission please send your donation, made out to the Iowa Urban Tree Council, to:

Iowa Urban Tree Council
100 Court Avenue, Suite 100
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

If you have any questions about donations please contact the Council's treasurer:
Kevin Conn

Executive Council

Heath Ellis - President

Chris Johnson - Vice President

Kevin Conn - Treasurer

Jessie Liebenguth - Assistant Treasurer

IUTC Awards Luncheon - 2017
Des Moines, IA

The 2017 Luncheon will be attended by over 200 participants, who are active and passionate about maintaining and building their urban forest resource. The luncheon gives people a chance to network and discuss ways their community or organization can advance urban forestry in Iowa. 

The Luncheon honors:

  • Tree City USA winners
  • Tree Campus USA winners
  • Tree Line Usa Winners
  • Outstanding Volunteer, Professional, Youth Project/Program, Community Organization, Local Partner, Media Partner, and Civic Leader Awards.

If you know of a person or organization that has done work to advance urban forestry in Iowa please use the guide below to nominate them for an award.

Iowa Grove

If you are interested in learning more about urban forestry in Iowa, you are encourage you to join the Iowa Grove by clicking on the link below. On the grove, events are posted such as: field days, workshops, tree distributions as well as current forest health information, grant opportunities, and research. Join the Iowa Grove today!

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