Selection, Planting and Care

Species and Site Selection 

The success of any tree planting project starts by selecting species that are adaptable to the growing conditions of a particular site.  Examples of conditions to consider include soil drainage, available sunlight, aspect (direction the site faces), available space, existing trees and plants, and above and underground utilities.

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Shade trees provide many benefits, such as improved air quality, energy savings, increased wildlife diversity and habitat, noise reduction, higher property values, and natural beauty. However, if trees are planted improperly they can often become stressed or even die before they can start to provide such benefits.  

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Pruning, Maintenance and Care

Utilizing proper care and maintenance techniques throughout the life of a tree can help maintain its health and vigor. A healthy plant is often better able to tolerate potential disease and insect problems. Maintenance activities should include mulching, watering, monitoring tree health, pruning, and in some cases staking and fertilizing. 

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