Tree Health

Trees are an important part of the landscape, but there are a variety of factors that can cause them to be unhealthy or even die in some cases. The challenge with diagnosing tree problems is that there can often be more than one factor involved. There is information on this site that will teach you how to evaluate your sick tree, how to collect needed background information, and how to contact local and state experts for assistance. There is also information on a variety of common insect and disease problems found on trees in Iowa.

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Diagnosing Tree Problems
Diagnosing Tree Problems
Iowa State University Extension - Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic
Understanding Decline in Trees
Understanding the Effects of Flooding on Trees
How to Diagnose Black Walnut Damage

Common Oak Health Problems
Oak Wilt - Identification and Management
How to Identify, Prevent and Control Oak Wilt
How to Collect Field Samples and Identify the Oak Wilt Fungus in the Laboratory
Sudden Oak Death (Eastern)
Oak Tatters

Common Ash Problems
Emerald Ash Borer
USDA Forest Service - Emerald Ash Borer (Research)

Common Elm Problems
Dutch Elm Disease and Disease Resistant Elms
How to Identify and Manage Dutch Elm Disease

Common Pine Problems
Pine Wilt
How to Identify and Manage Pine Wilt Disease and Treat Wood Products

Common Insect / Disease Problems
Anthracnose of Shade Trees 
Fungal Cankers of Trees
Verticillium Wilt of Wood Plants
Gypsy Moth
Asian Longhorned Beetle