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Grant Opportunities 

Trees for Kids/Trees for Teens 

This grant is designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities and to connect youth with nature through tree planting on school grounds and other public areas.  Funding is for $1,000 – 5,000 per project and can be used to purchase trees and mulch.  Grants are awarded each spring and fall.  The most current grant application and instructions are below:

Trees For Kids Grant Application

Trees For Kids Grant Application

Trees For Kids Grant Application Instructions

Trees For Kids Nursery Notification letter and specifications

Trees for Kids also offers a no-cost create-a-packet of 200 bare-root tree or shrub seedlings through the State Forest Nursery for every municipality and school building in Iowa.  There are very few requirements for this packet, just complete the form below and email to   These seedlings may be planted on school grounds, at parks or on city property, or given to students or residents to plant in their yard. The deadline for submitting the free seedling request is April 1, 2017, and packet orders will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis until all 200 packets have been allocated.  For information about species in each packet, click on the link(s) below: 

Fall Color Packet

Fastest Forest Packet

Pollinator Packet

Privacy Packet

Spring Flower Packet

Storm Resistant Packet

Wild Edible Packet

Trees For Kids Earth Month Celebration

For more information please contact Laura Wagner, Trees For Kids program coordinator, at (515) 725-8456 or

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