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A comprehensive module to teach basic spincasting, Fish Iowa! incorporates physical education, health, biology, geography, and family and consumer sciences into a program that focuses on fishing. It is designed for use in formal settings with middle school through senior high students, but easily adapts to nonformal programs such as camps, scout outings, etc. Fish Iowa! works with students with all levels of abilities.

Materials are available to Iowa educators and youth leaders only through training sessions (one-on one) and workshops. 

Contact  Barb Gigar, western Iowa training specialist at 515-494-3891 or Holly Schulte, eastern Iowa training specialist at 319-530-9318 to schedule a training session. 

Over 3,400 free-loan rods and reels are available at over 100 locations around Iowa.

list of rod and reel distribution centers
list of fly-fishing loaner sites

Additional modules
An Introduction to Ice Fishing
Designed to introduce the angler to the winter sport of ice fishing; preparation,ice safety, equipment, and angling strategies for an ice fishing trip to a frozen pond or lake are discussed.

An Introduction to Fly-fishing  
Designed to introduce the angler to the basics of fly-fishing; basic equipment,assembly, and casting techniques are presented.

Sample Fish Iowa! Lesson Plans
K thru 2nd PE
4th grade PE
4th-5th grade Science
3rd thru 5th PE
5th Grade General

Middle School
6th PE
7th & 8th PE
7th & 8th PE
8th & 9th PE

High School
Agriculture Education 
Agriculture Education
Agriculture Education
Environmental Science
IA Fishing Regulations HS
Individual Sports PE Class
Industrial Technology
Social Studies HS