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Take It Outside Art Contest
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This year’s contest will celebrate the great contributions of wildlife artist, Maynard Reece. Reece is considered one of the founding fathers of wildlife art. As a child, he spent many hours exploring Lake Okoboji. His teachers discovered his artistic ability at the age of 13 and entered one of his drawings in the Iowa State Fair. As a young adult, Maynard worked at what is today known as the State Historical Museum collecting specimens for the museum’s collection and painting fish to create the plates for the original publishing of Iowa Fish and Fishing – this was instrumental in launching his career as a freelance artist. Reece’s fish drawings can be viewed on the DNR website.


Use your artistic skills to create an image of your favorite Iowa fish (see the eligible fish list below) in its natural habitat.

We are partnering with the Wildlife Forever® State-Fish Art® Contest to host an Iowa State-Fish Contest in conjunction with our annual Take It Outside Art Contest. The first place artwork in each judging category will be submitted for National Awards. First place winners at the state level will be honored at the annual State-Fish Art Expo this summer.

Each school that submits entries to the state competition will be entered in a drawing to receive a reimbursement for expenses related to a fishing experience (funded by Sport Fish Restoration Funds through Fish Iowa!) at a local outdoor recreation area.

2014 Category I (Grades K-2) Winners
2014 Category II (Grades 3-5) Winners
2014 Category III (Grades 6-8) Winners
2014 Category IV (Grades 9-12) Winners

2013 Category I (Grades K-2) Winners
2013 Category II (Grades 3-5) Winners
2013 Category III (Grades 6-8) Winners
2013 Category IV (Grades 9-12) Winners

This team competition for high school students is a co-sponsored by the Iowa DNR and Conservation Districts of Iowa's Envirothon program. In the field and classroom, teams of five students are challenged to use their knowledge and critical thinking skills to conduct hands-on investigations, solve real-life scenarios and answer written questions covering five categories: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife, Soils, and Current Environmental Issues. For more information, visit the Conservation Districts of Iowa's website.

Fish Iowa! Games
Fish Iowa! Games is a competition where students cast from three distances using the flipping, pitching, and overhand techniques. It was developed by the Iowa Sports Foundation, in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, in 2006. Since then, over 73,000 K-12 students throughout the state have participated.

Register your school or your class now to secure your competition kit. The competition may be held anytime between February 1 and May 1. 

Iowa High School and SCTPChampionships
Starting on April 1, 2012, all Iowa high schools are invited to participate in the state-wide Iowa High School and Scholastic Clay Target Program league. This league will allow local teams to get together and conduct a competition match. Results from each match will be recorded, sent into the DNR office, and posted to the DNR website creating a friendly, state-wide, electronic competition. Top teams and individuals from the state-wide league will be recognized and awards will be presented at each respective state event.

NASP® Iowa Championship
Starting in December, all Iowa NASP schools will be eligible to participate in the third annual, Iowa NASP invitational league. This league will allow local schools to get together and conduct a competition-style NASP shoot. Results from each competition will be recorded, sent into our office and posted to the DNR website creating a friendly, electronic competition. Top teams and individuals from the Invitational League will be recognized at the state shoot, February 25th at the Iowa Deer Classic.

Trees For Kids and Trees For Teens Poster Contest
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This year the Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s Forestry-Bureau is holding a poster contest. Your students are invited to participate!  You may choose to do this as a classroom activity, allowing students to do their own research and then create a poster, or, introduce the contest and allow students to complete it at home.     

Each school must pick 1 poster from k-3rd, 4th-8th, and 9-12th to be mailed in and judged.  The Forestry-Bureau will choose one overall winner in k-3rd, 4th-8th, and 9th-12th. These posters will be placed around state forests to inform campers of invasive species and how to stop the spread of them. Other prizes may be  awarded, and students will be recognized at the annual Forestry-Bureau luncheon in Des Moines.