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Note: Service Contract Terms and Conditions are found at the bottom of this page.

RFP & Bid Lettings – DNR Engineering Bureau

To achieve the goals set forth by the Department of Natural Resources to improve and maintain its infrastructure, the DNR Engineering Bureau is mandated to offer competitive bidding on such construction projects as deemed necessary.
RFP & Bid Lettings – All DNR
According to the provisions of 11 Iowa Administrative Code 105.7(1), the Department of Natural Resources is required to post notice of every formal competitive bidding opportunity and proposal in accordance with Iowa Code sections 73.2, 8A.311, and 362.3.   These notices may be found at the following location: Equipment Leases – All DNR
By submitting a proposal in response to a DNR Informal Competitive Solicitation for Leasing, each potential Equipment Vendor acknowledges its acceptance of the terms and conditions of DNR’s Standard Addendum to Equipment Lease Agreements.
Service Contract Terms and Conditions (Contract Templates)

Service Contract Terms and Conditions (Contract Templates)
DNR Requests for Proposals (RFP) refer to DNR Contract Templates containing Special Conditions and General Conditions.  The DNR Contract Templates are accessible at this location for reference when participating in a DNR competitive bidding process.

By submitting a proposal, each potential Service Provider acknowledges its acceptance of the terms and conditions of a contract. If a potential Service Provider takes exception to a provision, it must state the reason for the exception and set forth in its proposal the specific contract language it proposes to include in place of the provision. Exceptions that materially change these terms or the requirements of this informal bidding process may be deemed non-responsive by the DNR, as determined in its sole discretion, resulting in possible disqualification of the Service Provider's proposal. With regard to the "Special Conditions," DNR and the successful bidder may agree to modifications to the terms of the "Special Conditions" as necessary to negotiate the terms of a contract. A potential Service Provider's failure to state an exception to any provision and propose alternative language may be deemed by the DNR to constitute Service Provider's acceptance thereof. The State reserves the right to refuse to enter into a contract with the successful bidder for any reason, even after delivery of notice of selection or intent to award a contract.
Miscellaneous Information: The DNR reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, in whole or in part, to advertise for new proposals, to abandon the need for such services, and to cancel this Informal Competitive Solicitation at any time prior to the execution of the written contract.
All information submitted by a Service Provider may be treated as a public record by the DNR unless the Service Provider properly requests that the information be treated as confidential information in accordance with the public records laws of the State of Iowa at the time its proposal is submitted.

Professional Services Contract Templates:
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