DNR Grants

Collage of DNR related activitiesFollowing is a list of the programs the DNR administers with a brief description of each. The link will take you to a separate page with more detailed information.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Grant Program
The State of Iowa administers a grant program for the acquisition and development of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) trails. This program is funded from the vehicle registration fees. Fees are placed into an account and can be used for the development of riding areas, trail maintenance, equipment purchases, operation and maintenance of sites and equipment, insurance, and land acquisition.

Educational Grants
Information regarding Fish Iowa! Club/Mentor Effort Mini-Grants, Fishing Field Experience Mini-Grants, Iowa Archery in the Schools Equipment Grants, Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Grant Program, Place-Based Education Mini-Grants and Trees for Kids grants information regarding tree planting projects.

Fish Habitat Promotion for County Conservation Boards
This program is a 90% cost share grant open to all county conservation boards for the development of fish habitat or acquisition of land to be used for fish habitat development purposes. Examples of eligible project activities are placement of fish habitats in ponds, lakes, pits and streams; armoring of lakes; construction of aeration systems; dredging; construction of ponds and lakes; repair of dams and outlets; manipulation of fish populations and aquatic vegetation. Project sites must be under the physical control of the applicant, either by fee title, lease, management agreement or easement.

Iowa Water Trails Mini Grants
Provides money to water trail developers (county conservation boards, cities, non-profits) to support projects to establish water trails. Water trails enhance recreational experiences for all water recreation enthusiasts. Efforts often involve canoeists and kayakers.

Low-head Dam Public Hazard Program
The Low-Head Dam Public Hazard Program is intended to reduce accidents at dams. Cost-share funds are available to all owners of dams on navigable streams through cost-sharing at a minimum of 50 percent cost to the project sponsor to mitigate hazards at low-head dams through warning signage, portage trail construction, and modifications to or removals of low-head dams.

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

The LWCF Grant Program is a federal grant program that provides funds to incorporated cities and county conservation boards in the form of 50% reimbursement grants. Grants require a 50% match. Assistance ceilings have been established by population. Eligible projects include acquisition and/or development of land for outdoor recreation. Renovation of existing facilities is also eligible. There is a new guidelines and application form which must be used. The deadline for application is close of business (4:30 pm) on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund (fka Sustainable Funding)      
In 2006, the forward thinking of our legislators to propose and support the concept of sustainable funding for Iowa's natural resources, and their request for diverse organizations to represent their Advisory Committee, was an indicator that this is an important issue for all of Iowa. The result of securing funding for natural resources will provide benefits across Iowa such as cleaner water, positive economic impacts, sustainable agriculture and soils, and outdoor recreation opportunities where Iowans can enjoy and appreciate healthy activities, nature, and Iowa's beauty.

REAP City Parks and Open Spaces Grant Program
REAP provides money to cites through competitive grants. Three city size categories have been established to assure grants are distributed to all sizes of cities. Grants are 100%. Eligible projects include park land expansion and multi-purpose recreation development. Athletic fields, ball fields, tennis courts, golf course and other organized sport facilities as well as swimming pools and playground equipment are not eligible for funding.

REAP Conservation Education Program
The Conservation Education Program (CEP) is a key provision of the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Act of 1989. A five-member board implements the CEP and annually they allocate approximately $350,000 in grants for conservation education in Iowa.

REAP County Conservation Grant Program
100% grants are available to counties for land easements or acquisitions, capital improvements, stabilization and protection of resources, repair and upgrading of facilities, environmental education and equipment. Counties must dedicate at least 22¢ per $1,000 of assessed value of taxable property in the county to be eligible for grants.

Shooting Sports Archery and Shooting Range Grant Program
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources created the Shooting Sports Program Grant in 2012 to encourage the development and improvement of Iowa’s archery and shooting ranges offering public access. The grant program supports the Department’s Hunter Education Program, promotes safe hunting and shooting practices, provides Iowa residents with safe recreational and competition shooting ranges.

Snowmobile Trail Grant Program
The State of Iowa administers a grant program for the development of snowmobile trails. This program is funded from vehicle registration fees. Fees are placed in an account and can be used for trail grooming, trail maintenance, equipment purchases, operation and maintenance of snowmobile trial groomers, and insurance.

Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP)
SWAP works to reduce the amount of solid waste generated and landfilled in Iowa. Through a competitive process, financial assistance is available for a variety of projects, including source reduction, recycling and education.  The program provides financial assistance in the form of forgivable loans, zero interest loans, and 3 percent interest loans. A 50 percent cost share is required through cash match and in-kind match. Projects are selected through a quarterly competitive process. Emphasis for selected projects is placed on tonnage avoided or reduced, sustainability and ability to replicate.

State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
Many state recreation grants require that a project related to the State Conservation and Recreation Plan (SCORP).

State Revolving Fund (now hosted at IowaSRF.com)
IowaSRF.com is a one-stop shop for the information you need to use SRF financing for your water quality or drinking water project. The SRF is jointly operated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Finance Authority.

Water Recreation Access Cost-Share Program
The IDNR has a cost-sharing grant program called "Water Recreation Access Cost-Share Program" that is available for constructing or improving boat access facilities to Iowa's lakes and streams. Projects can include boat launching ramps, loading/off-loading docks and other structures to enhance use by the public.

Watershed Improvement Grants (Section 319)

The DNR offers Iowa groups looking to improve our state's streams, rivers and lakes the opportunity to apply for grants. These grants allow groups, such as Soil and Water Conservation Districts and other organizations, to create watershed projects. Watershed projects help individual Iowans make changes on the land in order to improve the quality of water entering our rivers, streams and lakes.

Wildlife Habitat With Local Entities Grant Program (Wildlife Habitat Grant)
This grant is open to county conservation boards for the acquisition of land and/or development for wildlife habitat purposes. The program will cost share up to 75% of costs. Grant recipients will not be permitted to provide public use facilities at their own expense for activities such as camping, picnicking and snowmobiling on areas acquired with WHSF funds. Other than hunting, only those activities such as fishing, hiking, nature study, cross-country skiing, etc. will be permitted.

Wildlife Diversity (non-game) Program Grants
The wildlife diversity program offers three grants programs to encourage research, habitat management and environment education that supports non-game wildlife in Iowa. These grants all have the objective of helping to fulfill the goals of Iowa's Wildlife Action Plan.