DNR Enforcement Actions
Many times, environmental improvement comes as a result of an enforcement action. Enforcement must take place when people choose to circumvent the law or do not understand the full impact of their actions on our environment. The DNR is charged with ensuring compliance with State of Iowa environmental laws and rules. The compliance portion of the DNR improves our environment through educating citizens and promoting awareness of the environmental impacts of our actions and awareness of applicable law.

Orders reported in 2015 are listed alphabetically (by responsible party, by last name for individuals) below.
Archived orders back to 2007

With administrative orders, responsible parties have 30 days to appeal the order or 60 days to pay the penalty. A consent order is issued in settlement of an administrative order or as an alternative to issuing an administrative order. A consent order indicates that the DNR has voluntarily entered into a legally enforceable agreement with the other party.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (Iowa DNR) uses this Enforcement Management System (EMS) to outline the process by which the various regulatory programs in the Environmental Services Division (ESD) of the Iowa DNR pursue compliance with chapters 455B, 455D, 459, 459A, and 459B of the Iowa Code and the rules promulgated thereunder.The general objective of the EMS is to protect the public health and environment of the State of Iowa through enforcement of the environmental regulatory requirements in a timely, consistent and fair manner.

For more information, please contact Ed Tormey at Ed.Tormey@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-8373.

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Hopkins, Steven
Knoxville, IA - Marion County

Cease illegal open dumping and open burning of solid waste and pay $750 penalty
Consent Order - 6685
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Breuer, Donald, Ronald, Anne, and Ericka
Burlington, IA - Des Moines County

Cease illegal open dumping and open burning of solid waste, properly remove all remaining solid waste from property and pay $7,694.50 penalty
Administrative Order - 6790
Contact: David Scott
Schon Manure Hauling LLC
Glidden, IA - Carroll County

Ensure that all employees are properly certified to haul, apply or otherwise handle manure and pay $5,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6744
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Jorgensen, Patricia Plagge
Denison, IA - Iowa County

Implement Plan of Action to prevent manure discharges to waters of the state and pay $500 penalty
Consent Order - 6751
Contact: Kelli Book
Koth, Paul
Alta, IA - Buena Vista County

Cease illegal discharges to waters of the state, comply with all conditions of site’s NPDES General Permit No. 2 (storm water), and pay $6,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6703
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Meyer, John
Brooklyn, IA - Poweshiek County

Cease illegal open burning and open dumping of solid waste, properly dispose of remaining solid waste, and pay $5,610 penalty
Consent Order - 6753
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Bertch, Gary Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc.
Waterloo, IA - Black Hawk County

Amendment #1 to Administrative Consent Order No. 2016-AQ-02 (Amended statement of facts / table in order)
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6731
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Pieper, Inc.
Wever, IA - Lee County

Administrative Consent Order (AFO)- Pay $3,000 penalty for failure to timely submit a Manure Management Plan update and fees
Consent Order - 6717
Contact: Kelli Book
New Liberty, City of
New Liberty, IA - Scott County

Maintain certified operator for operation of wastewater treatment plant and water distribution system and pay $6,800 penalty for past certified operator violations
Consent Order - 6736
Contact: John Crotty
Knoxville, City of
Knoxville, IA - Marion County

Updated compliance schedule for wastewater collection and treatment upgrades.
Amendment to Consent Order - 6428
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Dedham, City of
Dedham, IA - Carroll County

Pay $1,000 penalty for late submittal of NPDES permit.
Administrative Order - 6752
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
J & V Rentals, LLC; Winding Brook MHP
DeWitt, IA - Clinton County

Order for wastewater treatment facility upgrades and payment of $5,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6601
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Muhlbauer, Daniel
Manilla, IA - Crawford County

Consent Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2015-AFO-30. Payment of $7,000 penalty, which may be paid as a Supplemental Environmental Project to Crawford County Conservation Board.
Amendment to Consent Order - 6629
Contact: Kelli Book
Hilltop Road Association #1
Muscatine, IA - Muscatine County

Order to resolve water supply violations and includes $5,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6714
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Van Diest Supply Company
Webster City, IA - Hamilton County

Enforceable compliance schedule to achieve compliance with National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants.
Consent Order - 6758
Contact: Kelli Book
Ruthven Fire Department, Inc.
Ruthven, IA - Clay County

Cease illegal open burning of solid wastes, conduct staff training on air quality requirements, and pay $1,500 penalty.
Consent Order - 6706
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Westra, John
Primghar, IA - O'Brien County

Pay $63,000 in fish restitution and a $7,000 penalty for manure discharge that led to a fish kill. Portion of the penalty consists of payment to O’Brien County Conservation Board for a supplemental environmental project. Order dismisses earlier appeal.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6597
Contact: Kelli Book
Carroll Farms, LLC
Wever, IA - Lee County

Implement Plan of Action to prevent future manure releases and pay $7,000 penalty.
Consent Order - 6737
Contact: Kelli Book
Sprboe Foods, LLC
New Hampton, IA - Chickasaw County

Ensure compliance with land application of solid waste and pay $9,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6757
Contact: David Scott
City of Alexander
Alexander, IA - Franklin County

Binding schedule for establishing strategy to cease unlawful sewage discharges to a water of the state.
Consent Order - 6637
Contact: John Crotty
Plum River Fault Line Golf; Meadow Crest Farms
Preston, IA - Jackson County

Order issued to resolve water supply violations, and includes $9,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6681
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Engle, Mary Jo and Doug Jo's Longbranch Bar and Grill
Cresco, IA - Howard County

Order issued to resolve water supply violations, and includes $4,500 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6721
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Interstate Power and Light - Lansing Generating Station
Lansing, IA - Allamakee County

Binding schedule to eliminate the discharge of ash sluice water.
Consent Order - 6749
Contact: John Crotty
Vorthmann, Aaron
Henderson, IA - Mills County

Obtain sovereign lands construction permit and work with DNR for the restoration of state wildlife management area (WMA), including granting of easement to property leading to the WMA to facilitate site restoration and management.
Amendment to Consent Order - 6755
Contact: Aaron Brees
Robak, Frank
Little Sioux, IA - Sioux County

Conduct site assessment and corrective action work and pay $10,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6754
Contact: David Scott
Gonzalez & Sons Express, LLC
Desoto, IA - Dallas County

Amend order to rescind payment of penalty because business has ceased existence.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 5987
Contact: Aaron Brees
Gritton, Steve
Tipton, IA - Cedar County

Cease open burning of solid wastes and pay $3,000 penalty.
Consent Order - 6747
Contact: Anne Preziosi
City of Ottumwa
Ottumwa, IA - Wapello County

Amended compliance schedule to address combined sewer overflows.
Amendment to Consent Order - 6246
Contact: John Crotty
Pieper, Craig
Wever, IA - Lee County

Ensure compliance with laws and rules governing land application of manure and pay $3,000 penalty.
Consent Order - 6690
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Bertch, Gary Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc.
Waterloo, IA - Black Hawk County

Comply with air quality requirements, including construction permitting requirements, and pay $7,200 penalty.
Consent Order - 6731
Contact: Anne Preziosi
City of Nora Springs
Nora Springs, IA - Floyd County

Schedule for necessary upgrades to city’s wastewater treatment facility and payment of $5,500 penalty
Consent Order - 6663
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Krauskopf Pumping Service, LLC
Decorah, IA - Allamakee County

Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedure to prevent future discharge to a water of the state and pay $2,000 penalty for past manure discharge that resulted in water quality violations.
Consent Order - 6741
Contact: Kelli Book
Anderson Excavating Co., Inc.
Council Bluffs, IA - Pottawattamie County

Amend order to acknowledge compliance efforts and the fact that the company provided adequate financial assurance. Payment of penalty is waived and company ordered to comply with closure permit.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6178
Contact: David Scott
Eisenhauer, Larry
Sioux City, IA - Woodbury County

Amendment to administrative order amends penalty amount to $4,438, which has been paid.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6414
Contact: Kelli Book
Sievers, Michael FMP I, LLP
Newell, IA - Buena Vista County

(AFO) Ensure compliance with manure application requirements and pay $4,175 penalty to resolve past manure application violations.
Consent Order - 6740
Contact: Kelli Book
Cassens, Bret J & J Pit Stop
Sigourney, IA - Keokuk County

Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2010-UT-09 Payment of $1,200 penalty pursuant to an agreed upon payment schedule
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6068
Contact: David Scott
Van Loon, Lavern
Hartley, IA - O'Brien County

(AFO) Operate and maintain all facilities in compliance with animal feeding operation rules, pay $3,000 in fish restitution and investigative costs and a $500 penalty for past manure discharge resulting in a fish kill.
Consent Order - 6676
Contact: Kelli Book
Country Air MHP; Erickson Trucking, Inc.
Ogden, IA - Boone County

(WW) Compliance schedule for orderly closure of wastewater treatment lagoon.
Consent Order - 6742
Contact: John Crotty
C & D Services, LLC
LeMars, IA - Plymouth County

(AFO) Submit and implement Plan of Action to prevent future manure discharges to waters of the state and pay a penalty of $1,000
Consent Order - 6723
Contact: Kelli Book
Goldsmith, Michael
Corning, IA - Adams County

(WS) Agreement for permanent revocation of operator’s water treatment and water distribution certifications.
Consent Order - 6697
Contact: John Crotty
Guthrie County Board of Supervisors; Country View Estates
Guthrie Center, IA - Guthrie County

(WW) Submit NPDES permit renewal application or cease discharge at facility. Order also requires payment of $1,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6708
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Oxford Junction, City of
Oxford Junction, IA - Jones County

(WW) Submit NPDES permit renewal application or cease discharge at facility. Order also requires payment of $1,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6709
Contact: Diana L. Hansen
Ledyard, City of
Ledyard, IA - Kossuth County

(WW) Establish schedule for necessary improvements for the treatment of wastewater.
Consent Order - 6684
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Shriners Hospitals for Children, Inc.
Des Moines, IA - Polk County

Amendment to Administrative Order 2013-UT-02. Order satisfied because USTs have been removed and a "No Further Action" certificate has been issued.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6404
Contact: David Scott
VanderVegt, Jeremy Boerderij DeVeldhoek LLC
Allison, IA - Butler County

(AFO) Operate facility in accordance with Iowa law and pay $10,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6696
Contact: Kelli Book
Phillips, Dennis R.
Riverton, IA - Fremont County

(UT) Properly close and remove all underground storage tanks at the site and pay $10,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6666
Contact: David Scott
Banowetz, Darryl
Charlotte, IA - Clinton County

(AFO) Develop and implement corrective action plan to prevent future discharges from the facility and pay $4,000 penalty.
Consent Order - 6720
Contact: Kelli Book
Swartz, Logan S & K Custom
Hampton, IA - Hardin County

(AFO) Ensure future manure application activities are done in a manner that does not result in a manure discharge to a water of the state and payment of $1,000 penalty.
Consent Order - 6719
Contact: Kelli Book
Travis, Mark
Sidney, IA - Fremont County

(WS) Operator agrees to permanent revocation of Grade II Water Treatment Certification and Grade II Water Distribution Certification.
Consent Order - 6730
Contact: David Scott
NMC Holdings, LLC
Holstein, IA - Ida County

(AFO) Order sets out requirements to prevent further discharges of manure to waters of the state and includes $2,750 penalty.
Consent Order - 6726
Contact: Kelli Book
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