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Two Men Charged With Multiple Deer Hunting Violations
Posted: 11/27/2012
GUTHRIE CENTER – Two men have been charged with multiple counts after one was injured while pursuing deer earlier this month near the intersection of 200th and Elm Avenue in Guthrie County.

Robert McCauley, 21, was practice shooting his bow with Derrick Johnson, 27, northwest of Guthrie Center when they saw some deer headed in their direction coming across the road on Nov. 10th.  McCauley and Johnson pursued the deer in an attempt to harvest some with bows and arrows that each was carrying.  They crossed an alfalfa field running to get into position to get a shot, with McCauley running ahead of Johnson.

While part way across the field, McCauley tripped and fell with his head striking the bow above his left eye cutting him open. Officers believe when that occurred, Johnson, who was immediately behind McCauley, then ran into him with an arrow.

The arrow struck McCauley half way between his left side and spinal cord in his lower back.  At that time McCauley stood up and pulled the arrow out. Then he ran a short distance and collapsed on the ground where help was rendered by his friends and family until law enforcement and ambulance arrived to assist.

McCauley was taken to the Guthrie County hospital and then transported to a Des Moines hospital.

McCauley was cited for no hunting license, no habitat fee paid, spotlighting, and no deer tag.

Johnson was cited for no hunting license, no habitat fee paid, spotlighting, no deer tag, and attempting to take deer.

Neither individual had been through hunter education.