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News Releases

DNR Website Changes to Support Mobile Devices
Posted: 08/20/2013

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources website has undergone various changes and additions recently. With more than 10,000 visitors a day, including 30 percent on mobile devices, the updates were necessary to make the website more accessible.

“It senses if a person is on a mobile device and provides a menu at the bottom that works well with touch-screen devices,” says Brandon Burnett, an IT Specialist with the DNR.

Updates and upgrades include:
-Removal of the drop down menu that did not work well with touch screens
-Page sizes were optimized for faster loading.
-Pulling the site up on a mobile device puts everything into one column, instead of the three that appear on computer screens.
-Landing pages were redesigned to improve navigation.

Optimal text sizes are still being worked on. “Like all websites, it’s a work in progress,” says Burnett.
Another feature added to the site was the License Vendor Search Module. This module allows users to find any of the more than 800 fishing and hunting license vendors in Iowa. Users can search by county, zip code or city.

Searching on a computer gives the hours of the vendor, the address and a map. Searching on a smartphone or tablet allows the user to get directions as well.

Vendors are automatically added to the system as they register to sell licenses.
“It used to be just a PDF file, but now it’s a searchable list,” said Burnett.

The License Vendor Search Modules can be found at:

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