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DNR Funds 19 Solid Waste Alternatives Program Projects
Posted: 10/18/2012

DES MOINES – The Environmental Protection Commission approved projects throughout Iowa to reduce the waste going to landfills at its Sept. 18 commission meeting in Windsor Heights.


Fourteen local governments, three private for-profit and two private not-for-profit projects were approved to receive DNR Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP) funding.


The following projects will receive a total of $666,505 as forgivable and/or zero-interest loans:


Southeast Iowa

The city of Allerton received $7,500 to purchase a 16-foot dump trailer, modify that trailer for collecting and transporting recyclables, develop and post recycling signage, and market the new program to Allerton and surrounding rural community residents.


Heritage Interactive Services, Bettendorf, received $111,839 to manage a project that will allow Alcoa’s Davenport Works to reach or surpass its goal of 75 percent reduction in landfill disposal. Alcoa’s waste management strategy will change from collection for recycling markets to enhanced collection, sorting, grinding and baling materials. Funds will be used to purchase a shredder, baler and skid steer within the Alcoa Davenport Works facility.


Des Moines County Regional Solid Waste Commission, Burlington, received $30,000 to establish a shingle recycling program by constructing a concrete pad for receiving, sorting and testing incoming loads; a staging area for grinding and screening; and a storage area for finished recycled asphalt shingles.


The city of Corydon received $7,239 to purchase 675 curbside recycling totes as part of an effort to start a curbside recycling program.


The Sears Manufacturing Company, Davenport, received $4,587 to purchase a baler to bale plastics, separating the plastics from other waste types at the point of use.


The Waste Commission of Scott County, Davenport, received $36,200 to expand recycling at Scott County Park by increasing the number of drop-off containers, promoting recycling to all park users, and placing security cameras at drop-off recycling collection locations to curb illegal dumping and salvaging.


The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, received $20,003 to purchase 4,100 6-gallon desk-side recycling bins as part of an effort to improve recycling at their facilities.


The city of Lineville received $6,750 to purchase, retrofit and put into service a recycling trailer and to purchase a 6-foot by 6-foot by 6-foot drop-off recycling bin to collect cardboard only.


The Monroe County Board of Supervisors received $18,750 to remodel the existing Monroe County Recycling Facility to provide 24-hour recycling access to Albia and Monroe County residents and to purchase a forklift and trailer for materials handling.

Southwest Iowa

West Central Iowa Solid Waste Management Association, serving Crawford, Carroll and Shelby counties, received $60,436 to update its residential and commercial outreach programs, to begin recycling incentive programs, to provide new opportunities for residential document recycling, to develop and start electronics recycling, and to expand commercial and institutional cardboard and paper container programs.


Iowa Health, Des Moines, received $14,984 to assist with starting single stream recycling and organic waste (food) reduction and composting programs at four Des Moines metro hospitals.


The city of Shenandoah received $20,744 to purchase a tandem axel spreader and box scraper that will allow the city to collect sludge from Shenandoah’s wastewater treatment facility and distribute it across surrounding farmland as fertilizer.


Northwest Iowa

Horizons Unlimited, Emmetsburg, received $18,517 to purchase a truck to transport recycling materials from commercial and municipal locations in Palo Alto and surrounding counties to Horizons’ recycling center.


The city of Le Mars received $20,000 to expand its residential curbside recycling program to include local businesses. Funds will be used to purchase 800 96-gallon recycling totes for commercial customers.


The Plymouth County Solid Waste Agency received $63,788 to purchase 3,600 96-gallon recycling totes to provide recycling services for the residents of the cities of Craig, Kingsley, Merrill, Oyens, Remsen, Strubel and Westfield.


The Plymouth County Solid Waste Agency received $11,550 to purchase four 21-yard roll-off containers expanding their construction and demolition debris recycling program to include other recyclable materials they receive in large quantities, primarily cardboard and mixed.


The city of Spencer received $20,000 to assist with the funding of an expanded recycling education program and to purchase an automated collection truck, a cart tipper and approximately 4,000 96-gallon recycling containers.


Northeast Iowa

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center at the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls/Waterloo, received $80,180 to begin the Iowa Food Waste Reduction Project, a comprehensive reduction and landfill diversion project for Iowa food waste generators such as community colleges, hospitals, schools and retirement homes.


Recycle Rite, Inc., Cedar Falls, received $113,438 to streamline its collection and sorting of recyclable materials as part of an effort to expand its curbside program from a local service to a regional operation. Funds will be used to purchase an automated collection vehicle, new collection bins and a conveyor system.


A committee from the DNR, Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations, Iowa Recycling Association and the Iowa Waste Exchange screened award applications and recommended the projects for funding. The commission’s approval is required for all projects costing more than $25,000.

SWAP funding is awarded quarterly on a competitive basis with cash and in-kind matches required. Applications for the next funding round are due to the DNR on Jan. 2, 2013. Find more information at