September / October 2015

Wood Ducks Cuffed
Cooperation between the U.S. and Canada is giving both countries a better idea of wood duck migration patterns and survival rates to help set hunting regulations.
Story and Photos by Mindy Kralicek  

Take a “Kid” Fishing
He wasn’t so much a kid, but during one of his last trips to a northeast Iowa trout stream, he was a kid at heart.
By Sue O’Loughlin
Photos by Sue O’Loughlin and Theresa Shay

A Waterfowler’s Bonus
A season of duck hunting creates a lifetime of memories.
By Bill Klein

A Favorite Uncle
Those lucky enough to have a “favorite uncle” know the influence they possess and the treasured memories they provide.
By Dan Magneson 


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Take home the prize at the 11th Annual Geode Fest; view the night sky at Ashton Observatory; check out spectacular fall colors on the Jones County Fall Float; track the life and times of the monarch butterfly; try something new at the  Iowa Outdoor Expo.  

Outdoor Skills
Take the bite out of bee stings; learn a fall trick for more spring asparagus; fix tent rips the easy way; weather strip your way to better lure organization.

Lost in Iowa
There is nary a spot on the 8,300-plus-acre DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge that isn’t prime for viewing one of the greatest spring and fall wildlife spectacles—the arrival of tens of thousands of ducks and up to a half-million snow geese.

Wild Cuisine
Southern BBQ comes to life right here in Iowa at the Rathbun Lakeshore Grille.

Flora & Fauna
Despite being one of only two bird species unprotected in Iowa and considered a pest by some, the European starling was revered by the early Greeks and Romans and kept as heralded pets due to their ability to mimic sounds including human speech.










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