January / February 2016

Happy 75th
Follow the stories, issues and history of Iowa Outdoors and its predecessor, Iowa Conservationist, since issue one, printed in 1942.
By Brian Button

Evergreen Heart
Bluffton Fir Stand is known for having the state’s largest balsam fir stand. But this northeast Iowa state preserve has so much more to offer.
Story and photos by Brian Gibbs

In Search Of Golden Wings
Thought to be misguided migrants from the West, golden eagles are showing up along Iowa’s eastern border. And researchers need your help tracking these elusive raptors.
By Ty Smedes

Getting Slim On A Fatty
Relatively new on the scene, fat bikes challenge riders to go places impossible with conventional bikes.
By Mariah Griffith Photos by Jake Zweibohmer

Make sure these Iowa outdoor classics are on your New Year’s resolutions list; turn your snow day into a winter wonderland of outdoor fun; head to northeast Iowa where snow and cold won’t freeze the archery bug.

Outdoor Skills
Tell the difference between golden and immature bald eagles; simple steps to hair-free dressed squirrel; a winter chiller doesn’t have to be a compost killer.

Lost in Iowa
Check out Backbone State Park for a sure cure for cabin fever. From snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding and snowmobiling to ice fishing and winter trout fishing, Iowa’s oldest state park offers something for everyone.

Wild Cuisine
Mardi Gras is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than with jambalaya. Atlas World Grill chef Jim Adrian, who got his start in New Orleans’ number one rated restaurant, shares his version of this classic Creole dish.

Flora & Fauna
While golden eagles are more widely distributed than their more famous cousin the bald, their presence in Iowa is somewhat rare. Still, they are often found in small numbers along the Mississippi River, especially in northeast Iowa.  

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