Statewide Plan

water trails statewide plan

The state water trails plan documents the historic and present day importance of Iowa's navigable waters. The plan focuses on the types of activities people are participating in on Iowa's rivers along with outlining different things to take into consideration when planning a new water trail.

Intro: Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Introduction and Vision

Water Trail Context and Plan Goals

Existing Iowa Water Trails

Strategy and Plan of Action for the Water Trails Community


Developing Water Trails in Iowa:
The Water Trails Development Manual provides guidelines and templates for planning water trails, site design, signage, and construction in Iowa.

Economic studies
The statewide plan supported two surveys on rivers and on-water recreation. A report on the Survey of Iowa Canoe, Kayak, and Innertube Liveries is available, as is statewide river corridor use survey conducted by ISU's Center for Agriculture and Rural Development.