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In addition to promoting paddling on Iowa's lakes, rivers, and creeks, we at the DNR are working toward creating a statewide trail system where rivers and lakes are being developed in ways friendly toward canoeists and kayakers, where ample warning and portage trails are provided for known hazards like low-head dams, and where brochures and kiosks interpret the area's cultural, historic, and natural amenities. For information about grants we administer toward this goal, click on the appropriate link below.

Please note:
Our sign manual has gone through significant changes under the Statewide Planning effort conducted with Iowa State University.

Please visit the Development Manual and page for grant information.

Water Trails Site Planning and Work Crew Assistance Application:

Water Trails Site Planning and Work Crew Assistance Application: (Closed)
Planning Work Crew Assistance
Planning Work Crew Assistance  
The Iowa DNR River Programs is offering an opportunity for site planning and work crew assistance. This will be an ongoing opportunity with a deadline of November 29th, 2013. The crew is designed to help groups with a variety of low-tech projects in Iowa on Designated or In-Progress Water Trails that adhere to naturalistic river and surface trail design principles, or on a site of a low-head dam mitigation project. For questions please contact Luke Wright at Luke.Wright@dnr.iowa.gov or Zach Kopriva at zach.kopriva@dnr.iowa.gov.

Dam Mitigation Grants Available
The Iowa Legislature appropriated funds for fiscal year 2016 for the development of dam mitigation and water trail projects. A portion the funds are available competitively for dam mitigation cost-share grants. Dam owners and other eligible entities are encouraged to apply for cost-share assistance for projects that reduce recreational hazards and enhance aquatic species connectivity. For guidance on how projects might be approached, please read “Solving Dam Problems: Iowa’s 2010 Plan for Dam Mitigation” and/or “Developing Water Trails in Iowa.”

Application form: Dam Grant Application Form
Application Form: Dam Grant Application Form
Application post-mark deadline: December 16th, 2015
Total amount available: $800,000