American Wilderness Leadership School

AWLS Future Dates
July 11-14, 2016 @ Springbrook

American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS)

Promoting participation in the outdoors through education and involvement within a partnership with the Iowa chapter of Safari Club International and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to improve the quality of life in Iowa and ensure a legacy for future generations.

The first Iowa AWLS program occurred in 1988 with one or two programs per year since that time. It is a regional offshoot of the National AWLS facility in Jackson Hole, WY and has a well established reputation as a quality outdoor experience that involves the participants in the activities as well as gives them the resources to take them back to their educational settings. The results have been astonishing of what this program has accomplished over the years and what the participants have gained.

Facility and Lodging
The AWLS course is headquartered at the Springbrook Conservation Education Center, located an hour northwest of Des Moines, in Springbrook State Park. The diverse habitats of the surrounding area are ideal for this purpose.

Lodging will be in dormitories with linens (pillow, blanket, sheets, and towels) provided. Shower/restroom facilities are in the buildings. All buildings are smoke-free and air-conditioned. (I have many teachers refer to this as the Marriot of camps.) All meals are included and prepared on site by our concessionaire.

Graduate Credit
Graduate Credit will be available through Drake University. Traditionally there have been three credits available for the course for an additional fee for the credit, payable at the start of the course. Additional information will be available as the credits are approved each year.

There will also be staff development credit available through Heartland AEA II. This has been at the three credit level and for an additional fee.

The cost of this program ($250) is set to cover the cost of the activities and is usually supported by funds from the Iowa Chapter of Safari Club International.

AWLS Brochure


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What are people saying?

"This is the best class that I have ever taken."

"I loved the new experiences in the outdoors!"

"I wish more teachers and leaders would take advantage of this opportunity."

"I found the AWLS program to be marvelously run."

"You took into consideration the elements, fed us well, taught us the activities and covered them in depth."

"This was a great time. I got to do the things that I should have done as a kid!"

"What an awesome experience!"

"Everything that we did was both personally rewarding and useful in my teaching profession."