1. "Basic unit" or "basic camping unit" means the portable shelter used by one to six persons. Examples of a "camping unit" include tent, travel trailer, pop-up camper, motor home, etc.

2. "Beach" means that portion of state parks or recreation areas designated for swimming including the sand, a 200 foot buffer of land surrounding the sand or a designated area which is fenced in, and the water area contiguous to the beach as marked by swim buoys and/or swim lines.

3. "Camping" means the erecting of a tent or shelter of natural or artificial material, or placing a sleeping bag or other bedding material on the ground or parking a motor vehicle, motor home or trailer for the apparent purpose of overnight occupancy.

4. "Centralized reservation system" means a system that processes a reservation using more than one method to accept reservations. Each method simultaneously communicates to a centralized database at a reservation contractor location to ensure that no campsite or rental facility is booked more than once.

5. "Chaperoned, organized youth group" means a group of persons 17 years of age and under, which is sponsored by and accompanied by adult representatives of a formal organization including, but not limited to, the Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts of America, churches or Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Association. Chaperoned, organized youth group does not includes families of members of a formal organization.

6. "Fishing" means the taking or attempting to take fish, utilizing hook, line and bait as defined in Iowa Code section 481A.72, or use of permitted devices for taking rough fish as determined by Iowa Code section 461A.42 and 481A.76.

7. "Free climbing" means climbing with the use of hands and feet only and without the use of ropes, pine and other devices normally associated with rappelling and rock climbing.

8. "Immediate family" means parents, dependent children and grandparents.

9. "Keg Party" means a gathering of two or more persons at which beer is dispensed from a keg or other container larger than one gallon.

10. "Lodge" means a building which is enclosed on all four sides which may have kitchen facilities such as stove, refrigerator, etc. which is available for rent on a daily basis. This item does not include buildings open on two or more sides containing fireplaces only.

11. "Metal detector" means a portable electronic device used only for detecting metal above or below the surface of the ground.

12. "Modern area" means a camping area which has showers and flush toilets. There are electric modern sites and nonelectric modern sites.

13. "Nonmodern" means a camping area in which no showers are provided, containing only pit-type latrines or flush-type toilets. Water may or may not be available to campers in a nonmodern camping area.

14. "Open shelter" means a building which is open on two or more sides and which may or may not include a fireplace.

15. "Possession" means exercising dominion or control with or without ownership over property.

16. "Refuse" means trash, garbage, rubbish, wastepaper, bottles, cans, debris, oil, solvents, liquid or solid waste, or other discarded material.

17. "Reservation transaction fees" mean fees to process a reservation, change a reservation or cancel a reservation.

18. "Reservation window" means a rolling period of time in which a person may reserve a campsite or rental facility.

19. "Scuba diving" means swimming with the aid of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or the use of a snorkel.

20. "Swim" or "swimming" means to propel oneself in water by natural means such as movement of limbs, including but not limited to wading and the use of inner tubes or beach toy-type swimming aids.