Animals or Pets

The use of horses, mules and other equine animals is limited to roadways or to trails designated for such use. Horses and other animals are not to be hitched or tied to trees, shrubs or park facilities in a manner that will cause injury or damage to the plant or facility. Animals may be hitched to trailers for short periods of time for grooming and saddling. Animals must be stabled inside a trailer, at a hitch rail or in stalls or corrals, if provided. Portable stalls, pens or electric fences are not permitted.

Privately owned animals shall be kept on a leash with a maximum length of six feet, or be kept confined. Animals are not allowed to run at large.  Pets in campgrounds shall not be left unattended.

Equestrian campers 
horseState regulations require horses, mules and donkeys being transported interstate (from one state to another) must have a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health certificate) and negative Coggin's test (EIA). This paperwork must accompany the animal into the State of Iowa. Please refer to Iowa Dept of Agriculture Admissions Regulations for more information.

For example, a person from Missouri who wishes to bring their horses, mules or donkeys into Iowa must provide a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health paper) which lists the description of the animals, date of a negative Coggin's test (tested within the last twelve months), date of the test, the lab that performed the test and the accession number of the Coggin's test.

Persons transporting horses, mules or donkeys intrastate (within the same state) do not need to carry this paperwork.

Again, a person from out of state who wishes to bring their horses, mules or donkeys into Iowa must bring their paperwork, but a person from Iowa who is taking their horses to another part of Iowa does not need to bring their paperwork.

This applies to equestrian camping, day-use and trail riding in any Iowa State Parks, State Recreation Areas or State Forests.