Swimming and Beach Use

Swimming must be done in the designated beach area within the boundaries marked by ropes, buoys or signs. Unless otherwise posted, persons may swim within 10 feet of a vessel anchored not less than 100 yards from the shoreline or the marked boundary of a designated beach. All vessels, except those being upright or repaired, must be attended at all times by at least one person remaining on board. Scuba diving may occur outside of the designated beach area, provided the divers flag is displayed as specified in rule 571-41.10 (462A).

Inner tubes, air mattresses and other beach toy-type items may be used only in the beach areas.

Possession or use of glass or other breakable containers, fragments of which could cause injuries, is prohibited within the designated beach areas.

At Brushy Creek State Recreation Area, located in Webster County and Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area, located in Linn County, swimming is prohibited from 10:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily.

Animals are prohibited within the designated beach area.

Effective May 13, 2009 persons may swim outside the designated swimming beach under certain conditions. A swimmer must register with park staff in charge of the area and sign a registration prior to the swim registration form.