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ATV Riders, please ride safely

Download Iowa's OHV rules and regulations  for vehicle registration information or visit our NEW online system for OHV registration.

OHV Park Closure Information

The Iowa DNR has replaced the OHV Park Hotline with a Park Closure Alerts page.  Park managers are able to update this information instantaneously to keep you informed about closures and weather events which affect the trails.  Visit OHV Park Closure for specific information about the parks.  
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Iowa DNR, ATV Safety - Sizing for Operator
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Iowa DNR, ATV Safety - Never Ride Under the Influence
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Iowa DNR, ATV Safety - Proper Gear
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Iowa DNR, ATV Safety - Ride Within Your Skill Level

OHV Grant Review Meeting - August 28, 2015

The DNR will be holding a grant review meeting for OHV grant applications on August 28, 2015, starting at 10 am in the fourth-floor conference rooms in the Wallace Building in Des Moines. To be eligible, grants must be received by 4:30 pm on August 3, 2015. 

On August 28th, the lower levels of the parking ramp will be closed, but floors one through 5 will remain open.

This is a public meeting and is open to anyone interested in attending.  All visitors to the Wallace Building must sign in at the fourth-floor reception desk and will be issued a visitor's pass. 

For more information, please contact


Timber Salvage Sale at Council Bluffs OHV Park

 The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is soliciting competitive bids from bonded timber buyers to purchase, cut and remove cottonwood trees at the River Valley OHV Park in Council Bluffs.

Recent flooding has damaged many of the trees and removal is for immediate safety measures and long-term management of the area as an OHV park.

The offering is an estimated 1.24 million board feet of standing cottonwood timber in an estimated 2,680 trees. All standing live, dying and dead cottonwood trees that are greater than 12 inches in diameter and within the specified boundary are for sale.

The timber will only be accessible for examination at a pre-bid meeting held July 22 at 12:30 PM at 4300 E. South Omaha Bridge Road (OHV Park parking lot). For further information contact Lindsey Barney, DNR district forester at 712-482-6245 or for meeting details and more information.

OHV Park Closure Alert Page and OHV Park Pages

The DNR OHV Program has recently made some changes to the program pages on the web site and with the OHV Reference Guide to make finding OHV-related information easier for enthusiasts. 

To find information about OHV rules, regulations, grants, ATV Education, riding in Iowa, and more, go to

A page for each park has been added to the web site to provide riders with information about location, trails, and amenities.  This information can be found at  Want to see yourself on the DNR web site?  Send your pictures, videos, and your favorite things about your favorite park to  Remember to showcase your personal protective equipment, registered vehicles, and good stewardship practices in addition to your riding skills.

From time to time the OHV parks need to be closed due to wet weather, trail projects, or special events.  A new OHV Park Closure Alert System has been implemented to provide you with up-to-date closure information.  A listing of park closures can be found by going to the link for the parks and opening the menu in the left-hand navigation pane (click on the plus sign).  Each park manager can post real-time closure information about the park.  This is the best tool we have to let riders know about a park's status of closed.  The OHV Park Hotline has been discontinued.

Additionally, the 2014 OHV Reference Guide has QR codes for each park's page and the park closure page for enthusiast convenience.  These codes can be found on pages 26-33.


Iowa's ATV Rules and Regulations


2014 OHV Reference Guide.pdf

Join the OHV List Serve

To receive information from the IDNR Off-highway Vehicle Program, join the program's list serve:

Special Events Calendar

When individuals and groups want to use public land and water for events, they must apply for use of that resource through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  These events are compiled by the Special Events System and are displayed on a calendar of events.  These events can be searched by type, location, and date. 

To find events which may be of interest to you, please go to

Special Event Permits

The Iowa DNR is authorized to approve a club or individual to hold an organized special event (an organized race, exhibition, or demonstration of limited duration which is conducted according to a prearranged schedule and in which general public interest is manifested) within the state if the event is scheduled to be held on public land or public ice. The DNR shall designate the equipment and facilities necessary for safe operation of ATVs, ORVs, and off-road motorcycles, and for the safety of operators, participants, and observers.

Residents participating in a special event must display a current registration on their ATV, ORV, or off-highway motorcycle. Nonresidents must display a valid, Iowa nonresident user permit on their ATV, ORV, or off-highway motorcycle.

At least 30 days before the scheduled date of a special event, an application must be filed with the DNR using the Special Events web-based application found at

For more information, contact the OHV Program Manager ( or call 515-238-3564.

Our Mission:
To provide sustainable, responsible recreation opportunities for owners of registered all-terrain vehicles and off-highway motorcycles.