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The printed page comes to life in high definition clarity in the Iowa Outdoors television show airing on Iowa Public Television. Capturing lively sounds and vibrant action, each 30-minute segment shows Iowans their homeplace as never before, taking viewers to rarely seen places,  highlighting diverse outdoor recreation, environmental issues, conservation initiatives, and picturesque natural beauty.
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[Episode #409] On a special FESTIVAL edition of Iowa Outdoors, we take a look back at the stunning images and creative methods of Iowa’s top nature and landscape photographers. From the Loess Hills of western Iowa to the backwaters of the Mississippi River, Iowa’s outdoor environments are a perfect opportunity to capture phenomenal photographs. [30 minutes]

[Episode #408] On our winter edition of Iowa Outdoors, we go underneath the ice for our most dangerous adventure yet. And we’ll head to Clear Lake where low temperatures draw hundreds to an annual kite festival. [27 minutes]

[Episode #407] Coming up on our autumn edition of Iowa Outdoors… We explore the landmarks of Madison County on our state’s latest water trail, investigate the peculiar habits of the turkey vulture, and go airborne for a photographic vista above the Mississippi River. [28 minutes]

[Episode #406] In this edition we look back at some of our favorite adventures. Throughout our first four seasons, we’ve shown you some adventurous ways to explore our state. We’ll reintroduce you to a trio of kiteboarding Iowans, soar through the treetops on the state’s first full-scale zipline course, get a bird’s eye view of the Iowa landscape power paragliding, and go underground to explore Coldwater Cave. [28 minutes]

[Episode #405] From scuba diving Okoboji to the high dynamic landscapes of the Loess Hills, we venture back into the archives for our best photographic journeys. [28 minutes]

[Episode #404] On the next edition of Iowa Outdoors, a State Fair special showcasing archery, the DNR's fly tying competition, master gardening at the fairgrounds, and the impressive work of outdoor shutter bugs at the annual photography salon [28 minutes]

[Episode #403] Discover how farmers and government are working together to benefit trout populations and water quality, learn about the the 17-year cicadas, see how the DNR has reintroduced Trumpeter swans to Iowa, and go canoeing on the Upper Iowa River. [28 minutes]. [29 minutes]

[Episode #402] Visit the bluffs along the Mississippi River in northeast Iowa, where once-endangered peregrine falcons now fly freely in their native habitat, and explore the beauty of Reiman Gardens, the 17-acre horticulture garden at Iowa State University in Ames. [29 minutes]

[Episode #401] Join Iowa geocachers for a high-tech game of hide-and-seek. Explore the vast variety of plants and interesting displays inside the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Go along with Iowa DNR researchers as they learn more about shovelnose sturgeon in eastern Iowa. And see the beautiful images by photographer Jim Frink from his many years pointing the camera at photogenic fungi. [29 minutes]

[Episode #306] Coming up on our wintertime edition of Iowa Outdoors: we explore our state from the powered handlebars of Iowa snowmobilers, experience wildlife through the art of modern-day taxidermists, and we follow the journey of outdoors photographer David Heusinkveld through tragedy and recovery in the Amana Colonies. [28 minutes]

[Episode #305] Look into the sky with amateur astronomers and astrophotographers at the Iowa Star Party, visit a classroom where kids are touching critters from Iowa State University’s Insect Zoo, explore the scenic Mines of Spain in Dubuque and see how injured birds are being cared for at Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR). [27 minutes]

[Episode #304] We profile wildfire training and nighttime photography in the Loess Hills, visit an innovative playscape in central Iowa’s Jester Park, and showcase summertime firefly photography. [28 minutes]

[Episode #303] Our latest summertime edition of Iowa Outdoors paddles in to an exclusive camp site on Lake Red Rock, visits eastern Iowa's Nahant marsh and follow along on a yearlong photographic journey - one shot at a time. [28 minutes]

[Episode #302] From the lens of one wildlife photographer to the handlebar view from our state's biking enthusiasts, we explore springtime in Iowa. [27 minutes]

[Episode #301] [27 minutes]
On this episode of Iowa Outdoors, we'll take you north to Clear Lake for the fastest ice bound experience you'll have all year. We'll go below the surface to discover how the Iowa DNR is building the backbone of our state's rainbow trout and bringing the fish directly to anglers. Dan Wardell shows us how rediscovering an American icon is catching the attention of young Iowans. And we'll examine the work of wildlife photographer, Kip Ladage who unwinds from his day job with quality time in the Iowa outdoors.

[Episode #206] [28 minutes]

[Episode #205] Meet the "Last River Rat," travel to the Lake Okoboji Yacht Club and Big Creek State Park, and discover how the 2012 drought has affected the state's water quality. [28 minutes]

[Episode #204] This episode examines an invasive species that could have a serious impact on Iowa's waterways, shares a view of the state's landscape as seen by photographer and author Larry Stone and tours Wildcat Den State Park where volunteers have worked for over 15 years to preserve and 1850s mill. [28 minutes]

[Episode #203] On the next episode of Iowa Outdoors we explore newly re-opened Maquoketa Caves State Park, kiteboard Rathbun Lake, paddle the environmental expedition PROJECT AWARE, and examine the macro photography of Cindy Skeie. [28 minutes]

[Episode #202] Fly through the treetops on Iowa's first zipline course, explore life aquatic at the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque, find morel mushroom tips that could help you locate and enjoy the woodland delicacies and take a walk through Iowa's wild side with nature photographer Ty Smedes. [28 minutes]

[Episode #201] Iowa Outdoors begins its second season exploring Pammel State Park, pedaling along the BRR bike ride, winter trout fishing on North Bear Creek, and gazing through the lens of an Iowa photographer as he travels around the Americas. [25 minutes]

[Episode #107] From floating high above Iowa to exploring caves deep below the surface, this episode of Iowa Outdoors takes a look back at its first season. [35 minutes]

[Episode #106] On the next episode of Iowa Outdoors, we enjoy the thrill of thermal flight on board a hot air balloon and explore the streams and scenic beauty of Decorah on the Trout Run Bike Trail. We find out how one photographer is using high dynamic range to share a panoramic view of the Iowa landscape. And Chef Jon Benedict shares the perfect meal for fall campers. [27 minutes]

[Episode #105] Iowa Outdoors takes viewers from the scuba-diving depths of Lake Okoboji to the sky-high view of Iowa's hot air balloonists. We explore the beauty of Honey Creek Resort and paddle through Charles City on our state's brand new whitewater kayaking adventure. [28 minutes]

[Episode #104] Pedal across the High Trestle trail in central Iowa, help the Iowa DNR spawn the next generation of fish on Spirit Lake, and go behind-the-scenes of the world famous Decorah eagle nest. [26 minutes] Premiered

[Episode #103] On our spring episode, we descend 100 feet underground into Cold Water Cave and witness the population rebound of prairie chickens in southern Iowa. [28 minutes]

[Episode #102] Go cold water kayaking, study Iowa's deer population, and spend time with wildlife photographer Neil Rettig. [27 minutes]