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July / August 2014

Finesse Froggin’
A unique fishing technique is putting more frog legs on the table for a northwest Iowa man.
Story and Photos by Joe Wilkinson

Islands For The Birds
Colonial nesting birds are taking over Mississippi River Islands, keeping researchers busy evaluating populations and reproduction. The low-lying, bird-covered islands look more Everglade-like than eastern Iowa.
Story and Photos by Ty Smedes

Making a Difference at Shimek State Forest
Friends groups are integral to state land operations. But this equestrian friends group is going the distance keeping trails in tip-top shape while learning about forest ecology.  
By Mindy Kralicek    Photos by Mindy Kralicek and Lora Conrad

Raising Razing Goats
In out-of-reach places, goats are doing what humans can’t—cleaning up vegetative messes to restore the land to its natural diversity and richness—bite by bite.
By Karen Grimes    Photos by Ben Curtis

Doolittle Prairie State Preserve
One of the greatest prairie flower shows is on display right now at Doolittle Prairie  in central Iowa.
Story and Photos by Ty Smedes   


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Find your flow with yoga on a paddleboard, light up Independence Day with DIY decor, crew with Lewis and Clark for the day in western Iowa and view raptors up close at Lake Macbride. 

Outdoor Skills
Repurpose that Frisbee between games; know the most commonly-violated boating laws and how to avoid them; put a lock on electronic overuse; learn the secrets to healthy grilled fish.

Lost in Iowa
Spend the weekend in Iowa’s fourth most populated county where George Wyth State Park and the communities of Cedar Falls and Waterloo offer a litany of recreational opportunities from biking to bushcraft.

My Backyard
Check out two apps to get more out of your biking and birding endeavors.

Wild Cuisine
Go foraging to spice up salads and side dishes with a heart-healthy common weed. Experience a taste of the south with blackened walleye and éttoufée sauce.

Flora & Fauna
Meet this pesky insect that delivers a bothersome bite to mammals—including humans.






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