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January / February 2015

A Blizzard of Snowmobile Trails
See how snowmobile clubs are working with the DNR to create and maintain more than 8,800 miles of trails for safer, exhilarating winter fun.
By Alan Foster    Photos by Mindy Kralicek

Mighty Mink
Cute, feisty and savage predator sums up this elusive member of the weasel family known for its luxurious fur and vicious antics in marshes and waterways. Learn more about this pint-sized purring powderkeg and its territorial traits.
Story and Photos by Ty Smedes

Texas Rags Iowa Style
Luring lesser snow geese with rag decoys is a Gulf Coast tradition, and these Iowa hunters bring it north to help reduce a population run amok.
Story and Photos by Lowell Washburn

Palaces on Ice
Some ice anglers have given the heave-ho to sitting on a 5-gallon bucket. Think pizza, furnaces, and basketball games on HDTV while fishing.    
Story and Photos by Will Price

Mississippi M*A*S*H
Biologists’ on-boat surgeries are implanting radio tagging devices in northern pike to better understand and manage this popular game fish.
Story and Photos by Joe Wilkinson

Stoked on Snow
We’ve gotcha covered with myriad wintry escapes and adventures to stay active, fit and have a heckuva hoot to boot.
By Mindy Kralicek


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Wear your support for the Decorah eagles with a talon tee, craft traditional wooden snowshoes for use or display and create unique wood art using your favorite Iowa Outdoors photos with image transfer. 

Outdoor Skills
Keep your optics fog-free with this simple trick; repurpose unwanted silica packs to protect outdoor gear; have more finicky-feeding walleyes on the ice; put the zip back in your zippers.

Lost in Iowa
When the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, slip down to southwest Iowa’s Lake of Three Fires where there is a whole lot of quiet going on.

My Backyard
Burn fuel, not funds, with simple home heating remedies.

Wild Cuisine
Two worlds collide when a Midwestern favorite—brats—meets an Asian staple—kimchi.

Flora & Fauna
Crinoids dominated the Paleozoic period. Meet this animal whose fossilized remains from Iowa are displayed in museums around the world.








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