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Has your involvement in Project AWARE influenced your lifestyle in any way?

We have adjusted our way of living in many ways due mainly to the educational programs provided during Project AWARE.

We have a heightened awareness of how our actions can affect our land and waters.

After the 2008 cleanup I promised myself that I would stop using plastic grocery bags and I went home and bought reusable grocery sacks.

I started a cleanup on a river near my house that will covers the 55 miles of the Lower Wapsipinicon. I "copied" everything I could about AWARE to make it the best cleanup I could.

Project Aware organizers and participants have influenced my son's career path in water quality. Being able to talk to so many different experts in there fields has given him the career guidance that he needed. Thank you, Iowater, DNR staff and Project Aware participants!!

I paddle more and am involved in watershed efforts.

I try to be even more aware about the amount of stuff I throw away and consume.

I'm going to try to start paddling more and seeing more of the rivers in Iowa.

I am more conscious of how my actions and decisions effect the environment.

I don't use plastic bags anymore.

I was pretty much a litter freak to begin with, but I am more aware of water quality and causes.

When canoeing, we are more aware of the degradation to the waterways and pick up trash on a regular basis.

I am really a lot more aware of the water and what I see going into it and how I can make a difference before it ends up in our rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands.

It is not just Project AWARE, but also IOWATER that causes me to learn and do as much as I can about water PERIOD.

I am even more aware of how important it is to have a clean environment, recycle and preserve nature for us and our children.

I'm now addicted to cleaning up trash on public lands. Especially, where there is water involved.

I am more conscientious about river quality.

I've become more aware of how much we all waste and how to compensate for that.

I try to get out paddling other times and forever encouraging friends to do the same. Also, I have become acquainted with other paddlers and those who care about others and about nature.

I have developed my paddling skills on Project AWARE and I now am confident on the river and participate in other paddling opportunities.

I now think about where my water comes from.

It has made me more aware of the amount of trash folks carelessly discard along the highways and waterways. I find myself constantly looking for garbage as I'm driving along!

We canoe to hunt for trash often now.

I look at rivers differently.

I cannot paddle any stream without wanting to pick up the trash I see.

I am more aware of the river systems and their role in the landscape.

More aware of disposable items and trying to keep our impact on the landfills down by using less paper towels, etc.

I'm always picking up trash now, wherever I go.

My family gets on the river more often.

Very conscious about recycling and my paddle trips take longer because we're always picking up trash.

I'm more careful to use reusable bags.

I recycle more now than previously. I am more proactive in when I see others discarding trash on or near the water.

I don't feel as alone in my zeal to leave as small a footprint on the world as I can.

I've become a much better recycler. In my town we do not have curbside recycling and this has made me more aware of doing a better job. Also it is my intention to keep plastic bags with me so when I am walking I can pick up trash.

Teaching water quality in classroom.

A renewed sense of purpose in all the time it takes to take care of reusable items and sorting my trash and not using ready-made items.

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