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What are people saying?

2013 Responses:

Iowa has a lot of scenic rivers and you will see a very different Iowa from the river.

Volunteering time on Project AWAREI would want Iowans to know that it's a really fun, rewarding way to connect with other people who care about Iowa's natural areas. I think people who have never done Project AWARE before aren't aware of the awesome social aspect of the event.

It's a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of Iowa's rivers and rural areas -- with the added benefit of accomplishing something worthwhile in the process.  The Project AWARE veterans are great about integrating new volunteers into the project.

This is an educational awareness building adventure that all should participate in at least once.

There is no better way to educate our state, engage our young people, and make a difference.


Thanks to all the sponsors for making Project AWARE possible.  This is a very worthy cause and has an impact on the participants that stays with them after the event is over. People are changed forever by this experience, especially the children who participate.


This is the single most rewarding and valuable volunteer opportunity I have ever participated in, and it makes a real difference to the rivers we clean. I can't think of a more inspiring way to combine state resources with the eager energies of Iowans.


It's fun, greatly needed, and hard work, but so worth it!


The BEST working vacation you'll ever take - you can't buy this kind of experience... AWARE is one of a kind!


2012 Responses:

It is amazing what a group of passionate people can do when they get together - the awesome Project AWARE staff and the fantastic Project AWARE volunteers make for a week you'll never forget. Knowing that you're making a difference locally is more satisfying than any beach vacation - and you'll still get the staples... sun, sand, water and fun!


Building a community of like minded, action oriented river lovers who share their passion with others including children (who are our future).


Cleaning up the river together builds community & supports a clean, healthy environment.  It brings us closer to ourselves, our neighbors, and the natural world.


Project AWARE goes beyond the "feel good" aspects of cleaning a river.  There is a great sense of community that is unmatched.


Volunteering time on Project AWAREProject AWARE is fun and easy to do.  Show up, have fun, make friends and have an impact on your local rivers.


You get dirty, you get wet, and you have fun!


I had a great time as a first timer. This is a fantastic project with very dedicated staff and volunteers.


This is an extremely well organized event with immediate positive impact on the watershed.  The educational connectedness to our environment is far reaching.


A great chance to have fun and be of service.


It is the best project you could ever get involved with. You make a real difference right now, individually and as a group, and it will change the way you live your life.

2011 Responses:

A great time - well organized - lots of good people - wonderful learning activities - a great 'working' vacation.


Excellent experience that provides so many benefits both for the individual and community.  Community service but the educational and social experience is fantastic.


How a group of people in canoes and kayaks can remove tons and tons and tons of trash from our rivers and how rewarding it can be.  Project AWARE has been the most meaningful experience in my life.  Inspiring.


Volunteering time on Project AWAREIn addition to the cleanup accomplished, AWARE is distinguished by the excellent community spirit it fosters, and the educational programs are extremely interesting.


It will renew your faith in people and your fellow Iowans!


It's a vacation with a great sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.


Project AWARE volunteers exemplify the impact a group of dedicated volunteers can have in caring for and restoring our waterways.  Project AWARE provides a unique opportunity to experience and learn about rivers in Iowa.


Project AWARE is a great way to get Iowans in touch with local river resources through its hands-on and educational offerings. Our awareness and understanding of river values and concerns is greatly enhanced. We become better citizens as we get acquainted with other areas of the state and other persons who care about our water resources.


This is a well organized river clean-up that any skill level can take part in.  It's a great way to meet some wonderful people, learn about some great parts of the state, and get some great education on environmental topics.

2010 Responses:

Project AWARE is one of the most unique and rewarding volunteer opportunities that exists in Iowa.  It's inspiring the impact a group of motivated, dedicated volunteers can have by spending a week cleaning up trash from 100 miles of river.


Project AWARE continues to be the premiere canoe-based river cleanup in the state.


Volunteering time on Project AWAREWe can accomplish amazing things when we work together.


It's the greatest "working vacation" experience around...good for your muscles and soul.


How incredibly passionate the Project AWARE people are about picking up trash!  It was truly amazing and the story needs to get out.


The volunteers represent all age groups. Volunteers work together, learn from each other, have fun, and improve the river environment.


This is a fabulous program that helps connect Iowans who care about rivers with each other.  This is a family friendly event.


This is an event I look forward to every year.  It takes me to places in Iowa I would not otherwise go.  It expands my appreciation for this state and its people and rivers.  Iowa from the river is a completely different experience than from the road.


2009 Responses:

Besides being a cleanup, it is really an incredible learning opportunity, especially for kids and teens.

People should be encouraged to bring their kids so that the younger generation feels a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our watersheds and rivers. Volunteering time on Project AWAREIt is a very valuable and enjoyable experience.

Every Iowan should at the very least get to know the rivers in their area and it would make them more interested in protecting them. We need to pay attention to Iowa's waters.

Clean water and slowing rain water where it falls are so important to our state.

Project AWARE volunteers come from many different backgrounds to support one cause - the health of the river.

The high level of commitment to Iowa's water & environment demonstrated by the AWARE volunteers, a commitment that seems to cut across a number of social strata (which is good).

I was especially impressed with the parents and grandparents that brought their children along on AWARE. I think it is important for Iowans to know that this is a family friendly activity and that children when properly supervised by a parent or other adult can have fun while having a great learning experience.

How enjoyable our rivers are and how much better they could be if everyone cared about them as much as the participants in this event.

Doing good for Iowa's rivers is not only very rewarding but it's a great deal of fun too.

Cooperation among participants fosters a "can-do" attitude. Don't take Iowa's rivers and waterways for granted and be good stewards so that all can enjoy them for years to come.

At every opportunity I try to tell people I meet about the good work that is being done by the volunteers on AWARE and how much junk is being dumped into our rivers and that's just the stuff we can see.

I am an IOWATER volunteer, as well, and try to pass on the word about how precious our waters are and how lucky we are to have an abundance of it because so many places face shortages of good, clean water. I place an emphasis on how important it is for Iowans to clean up their act and realize that everyone must do their share in preserving one of our most important resources.

2008 Responses:

All Iowans should know about the public spirit of the project - cleaning up a precious natural resource, our rivers - and community spirit of the AWARE group (teamwork, cooperation, organization, fun, etc.)

Volunteering time on Project AWAREAlthough a few people can make a difference, it will take all Iowans working together to exact the kind of positive change we would like to see in our watersheds.

Although the week includes a lot of hard work, it is a great way to spend a week, and very rewarding experience.

Every person, no matter their abilities or skills can improve Iowa's water quality and environment and leave a lasting natural legacy for generations of Iowans.

Extremely well organized. It will have a positive impact on your life, and on water quality.

Great people having a great time doing great things.

I believe if fellow Iowans could really be made aware of all the things both seen and unseen that end up in our water they would be a lot more careful about how they handle what is being carelessly tossed away.

Iowans care about their beautiful state and want to take good care of our natural wealth. It is a community driven effort and everyone should share the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves and don't be afraid to not only clean up your mess but feel free to clean up another mess. It isn't just the trash, but it is bringing an increased awareness that rivers are very special places in Iowa; places that deserve protection and give us enjoyment.

It would make the most awesome and affordable vacation experience for an outdoors-loving family! Of course we get the opportunity to feel good being a part of this event, but this isn't for us. This is for each of us and all of us - families and communities - and our future.

Ordinary Iowans care enough about our rivers and streams to take time off, get in canoes, get muddy, and do something.

Project AWARE is my "RAGBRAI"... my vacation. It's a chance to come together with a bunch of other Iowans who want to make a difference and clean up our Iowa waters That it's strenuous but really fun -- and your canoeing skills really improve!

That the trash is simply a visible sign of how we treat our rivers. There are plenty of other problems that can't be seen, but can still be improved.

That this is a great way to see the natural beauty that exists in Iowa and get some experience paddling on a river so you can develop yourself into a paddler and enjoy the rivers of Iowa on your own.

The amount of trash that is in our rivers and when like-minded citizens come together because of projects like AWARE what a huge contribution they make to the beautification of our country. They should know that it's an excellent opportunity to get out on a river to experience its beauty and the threats it faces.

2007 Responses:

It will be dirty and smelly and exhausting... but one of the most meaningful things you'll ever experience.

Volunteering time on Project AWAREIt's an excellent volunteer vacation that should be experienced by all at least once.

People love to get out on the river - it is a beautiful, peaceful, and exciting place to be. Coming off the river almost always comes with a great feeling of satisfaction. Helping to clean it up puts you in a community of people who are heroes - they do work for the good of others.

The rivers are in serious need of our citizens to start paying attention to the precious resource that they are. They need to understand that "trash" in the river isn't the only problem. The quality of our water is suffering as well.

Anyone who participates in Project AWARE will never look at the rivers in Iowa the same again. Picking up garbage is only a small part of the experience. The most important part of AWARE is experiencing the river, learning about water pollution & water quality and learning about other environmental issues that affect us all.

Project AWARE is a chance to connect with the river, learn more, and make a difference with a great group of people. The people of Iowa do care about Iowa's rivers. Project AWARE proves that.

This is truly a trip for everyone. It was a great time with great people. It was a vacation with a purpose. Nothing is impossible when everyone works together!!! This amazing group is proof of that.

Our rivers are a real treasure and should be protected and preserved for now and future generations. It's volunteering with nature...outdoors...hard it's definitely a win/win service. It's catchy - and that's a beautiful thing! Look at the ripple effect in Iowa alone - hardly a weekend that goes by that there isn't some river you can paddle and clean.

Paddling the rivers has made my family more conscious of the environment and more into recycling. Iowans need to know how what every single person does with their refuse impacts all of us, not just people who recreate on rivers, but all of us in the quality of our water and the balance, vitality, and quality of our wildlife. We are one. Our rivers are beautiful wild places that should be treated with respect. Project aware puts people in contact with the waters and the water problems in Iowa and gives them time to reflect on the issues that we face in repairing some of the problems. It is a meaningful nature experience!

For More Information: Lynette Seigley (319)-335-1598