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Yellow River State Forest operates a small sawmill that was put into place in 1947. Originally the mill was located at Pikes Peak State Park but the Yellow River area held the first sawmill in Iowa that was built in the 1800's. The lumber produced from the forest is grown on the forest. Most of the trees that are utilized are from trees that either naturally fell over blocking trails or roads or died from oak wilt. Projects in the DNR that use the lumber from the mill include picnic tables and fish hides.

The Iowa DNR sawmill at Yellow River State Forest provides rough sawn lumber to other DNR agencies, political subdivisions, and to the public when available. Our facility is not intended to to provide a commercial lumber outlet. Age of machinery and time to operate do not allow for walk-in orders or browsers of the lumber available. Limited species and sizes are available at any given time. Please call ahead or email to find out the availability of the lumber. All lumber is air dried and random width.

Current lumber prices can be found here: Prices