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Iowa Public Drinking Water Program
Annual Compliance Report

Diane Moles, Executive Officer
Telephone: 515-725-0281,  E-mail:

The Environmental Services Division of the Iowa DNR administers the Public Drinking Water Program in Iowa under delegation of authority from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The mission of Iowa DNR's Public Drinking Water Program is to protect and enhance the public health, safety, and quality of life for all persons by ensuring the public drinking water is safe to drink. This mission is accomplished by ensuring drinking water quality is monitored on a routine basis; that public water system supplies are designed, operated, and maintained to minimize the possibility of contamination; and that the public is notified in the event of a violation.

The 1996 reauthorized Safe Drinking Water Act required that state's with primary enforcement responsibility for the drinking water program prepare and make readily available to EPA and the public an annual report on violations of national primary drinking water regulations by public water supply systems in the state. The Iowa Drinking Water Program Annual Compliance Reports fulfill this requirement and are listed below by calendar year.  In addition to the required content, the report also includes a description of the program activities, the public water supply system universe in Iowa, and trends in several key areas.

Public Drinking Water Program Annual Compliance Reports:

2014 Map of Active Public Water Supplies
2014 Map of Systems with Violations of Health-based Standards
2014 Map of Systems with Major Monitoring or Reporting Violations


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