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Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

2012 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey     

CWNS Assistance HotlineToll Free:  1-855-IOWA-CWNS
      Local:   515-725-CWNS (Des Moines Area)


The Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS) is conducted by the Iowa DNR in cooperation with the USEPA as a requirement of the Clean Water Act. Results of the 2012 CWNS can be used to determine federal funding allocations used to support Iowa’s clean water needs. This webpage is meant to guide communities through the survey process and to help communities and stakeholders find important information regarding the 2012 CWNS.

Systems Involved
• Publicly owned wastewater collection and treatment facilities
• Stormwater and combine sewer control facilities
• Nonpoint source pollution control systems
• Decentralized wastewater systems

Information Needed
• Needs and costs information associated with projects needed to repair, upgrade, and
   replace wastewater and non-point systems infrastructure
• Location and contact information for projects
• Facility information including population served, volumetric rates, and waste loading

Needs Categories
 I. Secondary Wastewater Treatment  VII. Nonpoint Source (NPS) Control
 II. Advanced Wastewater Treatment  VII-A. NPS Control: Agriculture (Cropland)
 III-A. Infiltration/Inflow Correction  VII-B. NPS Control: Agriculture (Animals)
 III-B. Sewer Replacement/Rehabilitation  VII-C. NPS Control: Silviculture
 IV-A. New Collector Sewers and Appurtenances  VII-D. NPS Control: Ground Water Protection
 IV-B. New Interceptors Sewer and Appurtenances  VII-E. NPS Control: Marinas
 V. Combined Sewer Overflow Correction  VII-F. NPS Control: Resource Extraction
 VI. Stormwater Management Programs  VII-G. NPS Control: Brownfields
 VI-A. Stormwater Conveyance Infrastructure  VII-H. NPS Control: Storage Tanks
 VI-B. Stormwater Treatment Systems  VII-I. NPS Control: Sanitary Landfills
 VI-C. Green Infrastructure  VII-J. NPS Control: Hydromodification
 VI-D. General Stormwater Management  VII-K. NPS Control: Other Estuary Management
 X.  Recycled Water Distribution  XII. Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

Acceptable Documentation
 EPA Number Document Name  Need Justification Cost Justification 
 01  Intended Use Plan/ Project Priority List  Yes  Yes
 02  State and Federal Loan and Grant Applications  Yes  Yes
 03  CWSRF Loan Applications  Yes  Yes
 04  Non-governmental Grant Applications  Yes  Yes
 05  Cost of Previous Comparable Construction  No  Yes
 06  State-Approved Area-wide or Regional Basin Plan  Yes  Yes
 07  State-Approved Local Comprehensive Water and 
 Sewer Plan
 Yes  Yes
 08  Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)  Yes  No
 09  National Estuary Program Comprehensive Conservation and
 Management Plan
 Yes  No
 10  Nutrient Criteria Studies  Yes  No
 11  303(d) Listed Water  Yes  No
 12  State Needs Survey & other State forms  Yes  No
 20  Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)  Yes  Yes
 21  Facility Plan  Yes  Yes
 22  Preliminary Engineer’s Estimate  Yes  Yes
 23  Final Engineer’s Estimate  Yes  Yes
 24  Sewer System Evaluation Document  Yes  Yes
 25  Diagnostic Evaluation  Yes  No
 26  Sanitary Survey  Yes  No
 27  State-Approved Municipal Wasteload Allocation Plan  Yes  Yes
 28  New Municipal, State or Federal Regulation  Yes  No
 29  Future or Proposed Municipal State or Federal Regulations  Yes  No
 30  Administrative Orders, Court Orders, or Consent Orders  Yes  No
 31  NPDES or State Permit Requirement (with Schedule)  Yes  No
 32  CSO Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP)  Yes  Yes
 33  Approved CSO Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP)  Yes  Yes
 34  Signed Draft LTCP from CSO LCTP-EZ Template  Yes  Yes
 35  State Approved LTCP from CSO LTCP EZ Template  Yes  Yes
 40  Watershed-Based Plans  Yes  Yes
 41  Section 319 Funded or EPA Reviewed Watershed-Based
 Yes  Yes
 42  Approved State Annual 319 Workplans  Yes  Yes
 43  Approved State 319 Project Implementation Plans  Yes  Yes
 44  Nonpoint Source (NPS) Management Program/Assessment
 Yes  No
 45  NPS Management Program/Ground Water Protection
 Strategy Report
 Yes  No
 46  NPS Management Program/Wellhead Protection Program
 Yes  No
 47  NPS Management Program/Delegated Underground
 Injection Control Program Plan
 Yes  No
 48  Source Water Assessment/Source Water Protection Plans  Yes  No
 49  NRCS Conservation Plans and Farm Plans  Yes  Yes
 50  Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTOG)  No  Yes
 51  State/Federal Agricultural Cost-Share Program Cost Tables  No  Yes
 52  Professional Appraisals  No  Yes
 60  Municipal Storm Water Management Plan  Yes  No
 71  Small Community Needs Form  Yes  Yes
 72  Information from an Assistance Provider  Yes  No
 73  CUPSS (Check Up Program for Small Systems)
 Wastewater Asset Management Plan
 Yes  Yes
 93  ARRA Loan Application  Yes  Yes
 94  GPRA Business Cases  Yes  Yes
 96  Excel Spreadsheet Annotations  N/A  N/A
 99  EPA-headquarters Approved  Yes  Yes

Contact Information
CWNS Phone Line - Toll Free:    1-855-IOWA-CWNS 
                                    Local:    515-725-CWNS (Des Moines Area)
Joel Sikkema – 2012 CWNS Primary Researcher,, 515-966-4455

Say Kee Ong – 2012 CWNS Principal Investigator,, 515-294-3927

Jim Oppelt – 2012 CWNS Coordinator,, 515-725-8428
Satya Chennupati – Wastewater Engineering Supervisor,, 515-725-8436

November 1, 2011 - 2012 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey Data Entry - Early Entry Begins
January 9, 2012 - 2012 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey Data Entry and Review Officially Begins
October 26, 2012 - 2012 Data Entry Period Ends
              All data from communities must be entered by Iowa DNR by this date!
December 30, 2012 - Date Review Period Ends
Fall/Winter 2013 - 2012 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey - Final Report to Congress

Letter to Communities

Outreach Presentation

Small Community Needs Form

Large Community Needs Form

2012 CWNS Schedule

Important Links
EPA Clean Watersheds Needs Survey Overview