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Groundwater Professional Bulletin Board

Posted 03/27/14     Evaluation of Corrective Action Conferences
Posted 08/13/13     Soil Sampling Guidance For Non-High Risk Sites
Posted 11/05/12     Revised Free Product Recovery Report (542-1424)
Posted 10/30/12     Revised Water Line - Utility Company Notification Form (542-1531)
Posted 08/23/12     Groundwater Sampling at UST Closure
Posted 03/14/12     Chemical Injection Permits
Posted 03/12/12     Soil Percentage Reduction
Posted 02/23/12     Leaking Underground Storage Tank Forum, February 29, 2012, 10:00 am
Posted 01/20/12     Supplemental Guidance for Water Line Evaluations

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Document Library

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1999-0707gwbb.pdf MTBE Rules Adopted by EPC27.00 KB
1999-0714gwbb.pdf MTBE Sampling Guidance14.00 KB
1999-0721gwbb.pdf Format for Reporting MTBE Analytical Results38.00 KB
1999-0723bgwbb.pdf Confirmation Sampling Update29.00 KB
1999-0723gwbb.pdf Installation of Source Monitoring Wells at Nongranular Bedrock Sites30.00 KB
1999-1001gwbb.pdf Listing of Properties on the Affected Property Owner Table30.00 KB
2000-0202gwbb.pdf 300 Feet On-Site Well Survey Guidance30.00 KB
2000-0215gwbb.pdf MTBE Report31.00 KB
2000-0313gwbb.pdf Guidance for Using TEH Data35.00 KB
2000-0504bgwbb.pdf Tier 1 Report Reviews29.00 KB
2000-0504gwbb.pdf Guidance for RBCA Report Schedule Extension Requests35.00 KB
2000-0523gwbb.pdf Vapor Sampling Guidance45.00 KB
2000-0802bgwbb.pdf Questions Presented at Meeting with Consultants on July 20, 200030.00 KB
2000-0802gwbb.pdf Plastic Water Line Sampling31.00 KB
2000-0821gwbb.pdf Use of Free Product Defaults in the Tier 2 Software54.00 KB
2000-0912gwbb.pdf P Wells30.00 KB
2000-1009gwbb.pdf Tier 1 & 2 Contamination Plume Maps34.00 KB
2000-1020gwbb.pdf Evaluation of Computer Software Packages for RBCA Tier 3 Analysis492.00 KB
2001-0312gwbb.pdf Groundwater Ingestion Pathway34.00 KB
2001-0620gwbb.pdf Vapor Wells29.00 KB
2002-0130gwbb.pdf Site Monitoring Report General Comments32.00 KB
2002-0725gwbb.pdf Site Monitoring Report Errors30.00 KB
2002-0906gwbb.pdf DNR Field Office Contact29.00 KB
2002-1023gwbb.pdf Site Monitoring Report Checklist155.00 KB
2002-1031bgwbb.pdf Tier 1 Report Review Checklists159.00 KB
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