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Rulemaking Actions

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources' Solid Waste Section, which is part of the Land Quality Bureau is currently reviewing the rules that affect the management and disposition of solid waste. Solid waste management rulemaking is a continuous process, and changes to the rules will continue to be proposed. Please refer to the information below to see what proposed rule changes are currently on public notice.

When a change to the solid waste rules is proposed, it is first presented to the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) for approval as a Notice of Intended Action. If approved by the EPC, it is then published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB) as a Notice of Intended Action. Once the rule is published, it is discussed at the next legislative Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) meeting. After a public comment period in which public hearings are held and comments on the proposed rules are accepted from the public, the proposed rule is again presented to the EPC for approval as a Final Rule. If a final rule is approved by the EPC, after taking into account comments from the public, it is published in the IAB as a Final Rule. The final rule will be presented again at an ARRC meeting once the rule is published.

Below are the recent Land Quality Bureau rulemaking activities that have been proposed or adopted by the DNR.

Anticipated Rulemakings (rules that have not yet been presented to the EPC for review):

IAC 567-209 - Solid Waste Alternatives Program Iowa Code 17A.7 states: Beginning July 1, 2012, over each five-year period of time, an agency shall conduct an ongoing and comprehensive review of all of the agency’s rules. The goal of the review is the identification and elimination of all rules of the agency that are outdated, redundant, or inconsistent or incompatible with statute or its own rules or those of other agencies.

Chapter 209 - Proposed Changes

The following represents the proposed major changes to the existing rule:

  • Renaming the Chapter to Landfill Alternatives Financial Assistance;
  • Reformatting the current Chapter 209, into three distinct parts:
    • Rules common to both the Solid Waste Alternatives Program and the Derelict Building Grant Program, including adding definitions relating to the derelict Building Grant Program;
    • Rules specific to the Solid Waste Alternatives Program (no changes from existing rule); and
    • Adding rules specific to the Derelict Building Grant program.

Comments will be accepted until July 21, 2014. After this initial comment period, changes resulting from comments received will be incorporated and the proposed rule will be forwarded to the Governor’s Office for preclearance. Once preclearance is received, the proposed rule will be presented to the Environmental Protection Commission as a Notice of Intended Action to initiate the standard rule making process.

Provide written comments to:
Tom Anderson
Department of Natural resources
502 E. 9th Street Des Moines, IA 50319-0034

Notices of Intended Action (NOIA):

  • None at this time.

Final Rules:

  • None at this time.


DNR Contact
Chad Stobbe