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Registered Sites by County with Priority Classifications

The following table shows the counties that contain registered sites along with the priority classifications, the year added to the registry, and the primary contaminant for each site. The list is in alphabetical order by the county in which the sites are located and then by the site name.  There was one site reclassified in 2013, which is highlighted below.

Contaminant Legend

Registry of Hazardous Waste or Hazardous Substance Disposal Sites

County Name

Site Name


Year Listed

Primary Contaminant(s)

 Appanoose  McGraw-Edison B 1990 Metals / VOCs
 Benton  Belle Plaine Coal Gas B 1990 PAHs
 Black Hawk  John Deere Waterloo B 1990 PCBs / Dioxin / VOCs
 Cass  Atlantic Coal Gas B 1990 BTEX / PAHs
 Cerro Gordo  Mason City Coal Gas D 1990 PAHs
 Northwestern States Portland Cement Co D 1992 Kiln Dust (CaO)
 Clinton  Collis Corporation C 1984 PCBs / Metals
 Todtz Farm (Camanche Landfill) B 1989 Metals / VOCs
 Dallas  Progressive Foundry (Former Waste Disposal Site) D 1991 Metals
 Des Moines  Burlington Northern Railroad (Grease Lake) D 1990 VOCs
 United States of America (IAAP) B / D 1986 Munitions / RDX / TNT
 Dubuque  John Deere Sanitary Landfill D
1991 Metals
 Peoples Natural Gas



 State of Iowa - Dubuque D 1987 Foundry Waste / Metals
 Floyd  LaBounty Site D 1984 Metals / VOCs
 Shaw Avenue Dump Site D 1990 Metals / VOCs
 Franklin  United Hydraulics D 1989 VOCs / Metals / BTEX
 Hardin  Iowa Falls Coal Gas B 1990 BTEX / PAHs
 Iowa  Amana Refrigeration, Inc D 1993 VOCs
 Jasper  Newton Dump Site D 1984 Metals
 Jefferson  Fairfield Coal Gasification Plant D 1989 PAHs
 Lee  Fort Madison Landfill (Rodeo Dump / Park) D 1989 Metals / VOCs
 Grimes Property Site (Sheller Globe / United Technologies) D 1989 Metals / VOCs
 Linn  US Nameplate B 1984 VOCs
 Ralston Site D 1990 Metals / VOCs
 Square D Company D 1992 VOCs
 Mahaska  Mitrisin Disposal Site (Clow Corporation) D 1984 Foundry Waste / Metals
 Marion  Rolscreen D 1990 PCP Preservative
 Montgomery  Red Oak Landfill D 1986 VOCs
 Muscatine  Brei Landfill D 1990 VOCs
 Monsanto Company B 1990 Pesticides
 Polk  Dico Company, Inc D 1984 VOCs
 Williams / (Magellan) Des Moines Terminal



 Scott  Aluminum Company of American (ALCOA) D 1990 PCBs
 Davenport Coal Gas D 1990 PAHs
 Hopkins, RV (Sludgemaster, Barriers, Inc) D 1984 Metals
 Sioux  Vogal Paint & Wax Company D 1984 Metals / VOCs
 Story  Ames Laboratory, Chemical Disposal Site D 1991 Radiological
 Union  Wellman Dynamics / Fansteel Corporation C 1992 Radiological / Acids
 Wapello  John Deere Ottumwa Works D 1989 Metals / VOCs
 Woodbury  Mid America Tanning D 1989 Metals
 Wright  Belmond Pesticide Disposal Site D 1984 Chlorinated Pests