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IAC 567-Chapter 133: Rules for Remedial Action by Responsible Parties

** Note:This rulemaking effort has been suspended indefinitely. **

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is proposing a rulemaking effort to rewrite Chapter 133 of its rules.  The existing Chapter 133 addresses only groundwater-related contamination.  The DNR is proposing to expand the scope of Chapter 133 to include most forms of contamination not under the purview of another regulatory program.  The proposed chapter would primarily be applicable to a party who is responsible for contamination.  With the proposed rewrite of Chapter 133, the DNR is attempting to prescribe practical, objective criteria for defining what constitutes problematic contamination and how it is to be addressed.

Based on stakeholder meetings held on April 30, 2013 and May 24, 2013, the DNR has prepared a revised draft of Chapter 133 dated 8/19/13.  Links to a variety of information related to the rulemaking effort, including the 8/19/13 draft of the rule, are provided below.

Questions or comments regarding the Chapter 133 rulemaking effort may be directed to one of the DNR contacts listed below.

If you have comments or questions on this rulemaking effort, please direct them to one of the contacts listed below.

Legal Contact:

General Contact:
Aaron Brees Cal Lundberg
515-725-8250 515-725-8340

Current Rules

Draft Rules

Stakeholder Information

Background Information

Response to Previous Comments

Implementation Resources

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