Public Wildlife Management Areas, Counties O-S

Area names showing a link indicate that there is a pdf map of this area. Maps range from 350K to 1.2MG.

Game Key:
D=deer, T=turkey, S=squirrel, P=pheasant, G=grouse, W=waterfowl, R=rabbit, Q=quail, Dv=dove

Waterman Creek D,P,W,Dv 223 acres;
Stream, Uplands
6 miles S of Hartley on M12, 1 mile E on 390th St
Waterman Prairie D,T,P,Dv 1,719 acres;
Prairie, Timber, Stream
3.5 miles SE of Sutherland on Hwy 10, 2 miles N on Wilson
Iowa Lake W 114 acres;
Shallow lake, Marsh
1 mile W of Harris on Hwy 9, 5 miles N on White Ave
Rush Lake P,W 347 acres;
Shallow lake, Marsh
2 miles E of Ocheyedan on Hwy 9
Palo Alto
Blue Wing Marsh D,P,W,R,Dv 977 acres;
1/3 Marsh, 2/3 Upland
2 miles N of Ruthven on 350th Ave, 0.5 mile E on 340th St, 0.5 mile N on 355th Ave
Dewey's Pasture D,S,P,W,R,Dv 5,522 acres;
2/5 Lakes, 2/5 Marsh, 1/5 Upland
0.5 mile W of Ruthven on Hwy 18, 4 miles N on N18
Fallow Marsh D,P,W,R,Dv 377 acres;
1/3 Marsh, 2/3 Upland
3 miles S of Graettinger on Hwy 4, 2 miles W on 320th St
Five Island Lake D,P,W 1,058 acres;
Lake, Marsh
N side of Emmetsburg, W side of N48
Perkin's Marsh D,P,W,R 25 acres;
1/2 Marsh, 1/2 Upland
3 miles S of Graettinger on Hwy 4, 0.5 mile W on 320th St
Rush Lake D,S,W,R 529 acres;
Marsh, Timber
6.5 miles N of Laurens on N28
Silver Lake D,W,R 660 acres;
Lake, Timber
2 miles W of Ayrshire on 420th St
Virgin Lake D,P,W,R,Dv 396 acres;
3/4 Lake, 1/4 Upland
0.5 mile W of Ruthven on Hwy 18, 2 miles S on N18, 0.5 mile E on 380th St
West Fork D,T,S,P,W,R,Dv 1,603 acres;
River floodplain, Marsh, Grassland, Timber
4 miles N of Emmetsburg on N40, 1 mile W on 320th St OR 2 miles N of Emmetsburg on 450th Ave OR 2.5 miles S of Emmetsburg on Hwy 4, 0.5 mile W on 405th St
Deer Creek D,T,S,P,W,R,Dv 1,033 acres;
5 miles N of Sioux City on Hwy 12, 5 miles NE on K18, 1 mile W on Butcher Rd
Kalsow Prairie P,Dv 159 acres;
Native Prairie
3 miles N of Manson on N65, 1 mile W on 630th
Little Clear Lake W 166 acres;
Shallow lake, Marsh
10 miles W of Pocahontas on Hwy 3
Lizard Lake W 469 acres;
3/4 Marsh, 1/4 Timber
3 miles W of Gilmore City on Hwy 3, 4 miles S on 320th Ave
Shimon Marsh P,W,Dv 1,268 acres;
1/3 Marsh, 2/3 Upland
1 mile W of Fonda on Hwy 7, 2 miles N on 120th Ave
Big Creek D,P,T,W,Dv 2,074 acres;
1/3 Lake, 2/3 Upland
1 mile N of Polk City on NW Madrid Dr
Chichaqua D,T,P,W,Dv 2,512 acres;
Prairie upland, Timber
Skunk River Valley, NE Polk County
Paul Errington Marsh P,W,Dv 305 acres;
1/3 Marsh, 2/3 Upland
4 miles E of Ankeny on NE 94th Ave, 2 miles N on NE 56th St
Red Rock D,S,P,W,Dv 31,123 acres; North: 3.5 miles S of Monroe on Hwy 14, 7 miles W on Carpenter St
South: 4 miles N of Pleasantville on 40th Ave
Saylorville D,T,W,Dv 10,804 acres;
1/2 Timber, 1/4 Upland, 1/4 Reservoir
Des Moines River valley from Hwy 17 in Polk county N to Fraser in Boone county
Boyer Bend D,T 77 acres;
Public access by Missouri River only
Green D,S 10 acres;
2 miles S of Avoca on Hwy 59, 0.75 mile E/td>
Pigeon Creek D,T,W 98 acres;
3/4 Timber, 1/4 Wetland
Public access by Missouri River only
Wilson Island Recreation Area D,T,W 423 acres;
Exit 72 off I-29, W 6miles on DeSoto Ave, area on left
Fogle Lake D,P,W,R,Q,Dv 360 acres;
1/4 Lake, 3/4 Upland
0.5 mile W of Diagonal on J23
Kellerton D,P,Dv 1,882 acres;
2 miles W of Kellerton on Hwy 2, 1 mile S on gravel
Mount Ayr D,T,P,R,Q,Dv 1,447 acres;
1/2 TImber, 1/2 Upland
2 miles W of Mount Ayr on Hwy 2/169, 2 miles S on Hwy 169, 2 miles W on T43
Ringgold D,T,P,R,Q,Dv 2,520 acres;
1/4 TImber, 3/4 Upland
6 miles E of Mount Ayr on Hwy 2, 8 miles S on P64, 1 mile W on gravel road
Sand Creek D,T,P,R,Q,Dv 3,601 acres;
3/4 Timber, 1/4 Upland
3 miles N of Grand River on R15, 1 mile W on gravel road
Black Hawk Marsh D,P,W,Dv 1,914 acres;
1/2 Upland, 1/4 Marsh, 1/4 Timber
1.5 miles W of Carnarvon on D59, 1 mile N on M68
Burrow's Pond P,W,Dv 685 acres;
1/3 Marsh, 2/3 Upland
2 miles W of Nemaha on D15, 1 mile S on Lee Ave
Jana Recreation Area R,S 2 acres;
1/2 Gravel Pit, 1/2 Trees/Brush
5 miles E of Lake View on Hwy 71, 0.75 mile N on Hwy 196
Kiowa Marsh P,W,Dv 1,081 acres;
1/4 Marsh, 3/4 Upland
2 miles E of Early on D27
Sac City Access D 32 acres;
Timber, Upland, River
0.5 mile S of Sac City on Sierra Ave
Sac City Wetland Complex P,Dv,W
466 acres;
1/3 Wetland, 2/3 Upland
0.5 mile W of Sac City on 260th St
Tomahawk Marsh P,W,Dv 428 acres;
1/2 Marsh, 1/2 Upland
2 miles W of Sac City on Hwy 20, 4 miles S on M68
White Horse Access D,P,Dv 199 acres;
2/3 Timber, 1/3 Upland, River access
4 miles E of Lake View on Hwy 71, 2 miles E on 330th St, 0.5 mile S on Wadsley Ave, 1 mile E on 335th
Crow Creek S,P,R 54 acres;
Lake, Timber, Upland
Davenport, at Hwy 965 & 61
Lost Grove Lake D,P,W,R,Dv 1,699 acres;
3/4 Upland, 1/4 Timber
6 miles N of Davenport on Utica Ridge Rd
McCausland D,T,P,S,R 168 acres;
1/4 Timber, 3/4 Marsh
E edge of McCausland on Bennett St
Princeton D,T,S,W,Dv 1,187 acres;
3/4 Wetland, 1/4 Timber
0.5 mile N of Princeton on Hwy 67, 1 mile N on 285th Ave, E on 266th St
V&W Petersen D,P,R,Q,Dv 453 acres;
2 miles S of Manilla on Quince Rd
Big Sioux River - Groth D,T,P 233 acres;
Timber, Upland, River
6 miles W of Rock Valley on Hwy 18, 2.5 miles W on 310th
Big Sioux River - Hoogendoorn D,T,P 116 acres;
Timber, Upland, River
Big Sioux River - Miller D,T,P 83 acres;
Timber, Upland, River
Bob Pyle Marsh P,W 111 acres;
1/2 Upland, 1/2 Marsh
2 miles W of Story City on E15, 1 mile N on gravel rd, 0.5 mile W on 400th St
Colo Bogs P,W,Dv 691 acres;
1/4 Wetland, 3/4 Upland
2 miles E of Colo on Hwy 30
Hendrickson Marsh D,P,W,R,Dv 821 acres;
2/3 Upland, 1/3 Marsh, Lake
2.5 miles W of Rhodes on E63