Special September Canada Goose Seasons

Special September Canada goose seasons are open on specified dates during the first two weeks of September in the Des Moines, Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, and Waterloo-Cedar Falls zones.

Canada Goose Zone boundary Maps:
Map: Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Zone
Map: Des Moines Zone
Map: Waterloo/Cedar Falls Zone

Textual Descriptions of Zone Boundaries

This special season is designed to increase the harvest of local Canada geese in and around urban centers to decrease conflicts between geese and people. Geese that reside in urban areas are generally exposed to less hunting pressure during regular goose seasons than geese in rural areas. Consequently urban goose populations often grow at faster rates than rural populations. Federal regulations require that this additional hunting opportunity be offered only when migrant Canada geese are not in Iowa. The geese harvested during this special season will predominantly be local Canada geese from the immediate area in and around the hunting zone, the same geese that are causing problems on golf courses, housing and business complexes and airports.
Establishing this zone does not constitute permission to hunt. Hunters must obtain permission from the person or entity in lawful control of the land to hunt geese. Shaded areas on the map denote approximate city boundaries. Permission to hunt within city limits must be granted by the city. Permission from the landowner, tenant or other person in lawful control of the land must always be obtained to hunt private land within or outside of city limits. Public areas outside of city limits may or may not be open to hunting. Check with the local land manager before attempting to hunt.