Mentored hunts

Mentored Hunt Program

If you ask life-long hunters to describe their favorite outdoor adventure, you will find that they typically recall a family member or friend taking them hunting for the first time. This type of mentorship is very common among avid hunters, but unfortunately, the absence of this opportunity becomes a barrier for some. Conservation organizations, county conservation boards and the Iowa DNR have partnered to offer mentored hunts for all ages.  These hunts are offered throughout the hunting season and are held all over the state.  

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Apprentice Hunting License

Interested in hunting but haven't had a chance to take hunter education?  Starting July 13, 2016 anyone 16 and older may purchase an apprentice hunting license without first completing hunter education.  The apprentice hunter must be accompanied and aided while hunting by a competent adult mentor who is properly licensed.  In other words, the mentor must maintain constant direction and control of the apprentice hunter and stay within a distance from the apprentice hunter that enables the mentor to give uninterrupted, unaided visual and auditory communications to the apprentice hunter.  Purchase your apprentice hunting license here.

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