Iowa's Deer and Turkey tags consist of a 2-piece tag. The primary reason for adopting this tag design was to provide a more convenient format for reporting a deer or turkey. The top part of the tag is the Harvest Report Tag, and is attached only after reporting your deer or turkey. The bottom part of the tag is the Transportation Tag, and is attached within 15 minutes of harvest and before moving your deer or turkey.

Iowa Harvest Reporting Tag

Attach the bottom Transportation Tag before transporting your animal, and the top Harvest Report Tag only after reporting your animal.

Checklist for Tagging/Reporting Deer and Turkeys:


  1. The Transportation Tag must be attached to the deer or turkey within 15 minutes of harvest or before it is moved, whichever occurs first.
  2. Notch the month/day of harvest on Transportation Tag.
  3. Remove the Transportation Tag from backing and attach to antlers if it is an antlered deer, otherwise attach to deer or turkey leg. Press halves of the tag together to bond. Hunter's name, registration number and date of harvest must be readable.
  4. Report harvest by midnight of the day after tagging a deer or turkey, before taking it to a locker or taxidermist, before processing it for consumption or before transporting out of state, whichever comes first.
  5. Follow instructions on the Harvest Report Tag to report the animal. When reporting, you will need the harvest registration number from your tag and the Iowa county where the animal was harvested. For deer, report whether it was a doe, button buck, antlered buck, or shed-antler buck. For turkeys, report the length of the beard (fall) or length of the longest spur (spring).

  6. After reporting, record the confirmation number in the box provided on the Harvest Report Tag. An inexpensive pen (not a felt tip or marker) will write best on the tag material.
  7. Attach the Harvest Report Tag to the leg of the animal after it has been reported, but before the reporting deadline.
  8. Keep both the Transportation Tag and the Harvest Report Tag attached to the animal until it is processed for consumption.