Penalties & Damages
Liquidated Damages
In addition to penalties assessed by the court, a person who is convicted of unlawfully selling, taking, catching, killing, injuring, destroying, or having in possession any animal, shall reimburse the state for the value of the animal as follows:
  • For each fish, reptile, mussel or amphibian - $15
  • For each State of Iowa endangered or threatened species - $1,000

Multiple Offender Program
A ''multiple offender'' is any person who has equaled or exceeded five points during a consecutive three year period. Fish and wildlife convictions are assigned point values as determined by the Iowa Administrative Code. Point values range from one to three points depending on the seriousness of the violation.
  • Three points for:
    • Illegal sale of fish or bait
    • More than the possession or bag limit for any species of fish
    • Fishing during the closed season
    • Any violation involving threatened or endangered species
    • Violation of most of the commercial fishing regulations
    • Taking of any fish by illegal method
    • Fishing while under license suspension or revocation
    • Illegal removal of fish, minnows, frogs, or other aquatic wildlife from a state fish hatchery
    • Making false claims to obtain a resident or nonresident fishing license
    • Applying for or acquiring a license while under suspension or revocation

  • Two points for:
    • Fishing on a refuge
    • Illegal possession of fish
    • Possession of undersized or oversized fish
    • Snagging of game fish
    • Illegal importation of fish
    • Attempting to take fish by illegal methods
    • Wanton waste of fish
    • Failure to make commercial catch reports
    • Illegal transportation of fish

  • One point for:
    • All other convictions of fish regulations
Your license will be suspended or revoked for a specific period as determined by the number of points accumulated. This program applies even if all violations occur as a single incident with no previous violations.

This program is administered by the Iowa DNR. It is in addition to any penalties or revocation/suspension imposed by the court for the same violations. Persons with suspended or revoked hunting and fishing privileges will not be allowed to purchase licenses during the suspension period.