Water Monitoring Staff

Roger Bruner


Dan Kendall

Lake and Beach Monitoring Coordinator

Connie Dou

Wasteload Allocation Coordinator

Matt Dvorak

Use Attainability Assessments, Water Quality Standards

Jacklyn Gautsch

Wetlands and Shallow Lake Monitoring

Brandon Harland

Wetlands and Shallow Lake Monitoring

Collin Klingbeil

Wasteload Allocation

Ken Krier

Biological Monitoring, Fish Tissue Monitoring, River Assessments

Jamie Mootz

Database/Application Development, Fishkills, Water Quality Data Management

John Olson

305(b) Assessments, Impaired Waters

Chris Schwake

401 Certification Coordinator

Lynette Seigley

Project AWARE Coordinator, Use Attainability Assessments

Tom Wilton

Nutrient Criteria, Biological Monitoring