Targeted Water Supplies

Source Water Protection (SWP) For Targeted Community Water Supplies

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The SWP Program for Targeted Community Water Supplies (CWS):  
  • Is housed in the Contaminated Sites Section of the Land Quality Bureau. The SWP Program for Targeted CWS works with communities who are in need of addressing an existing contaminant problem in their drinking water supply.  The SWP Program for Targeted CWS conducts a groundwater (gw) site investigation to assist the SWP community planning team in planning and practice implementation in order to decrease the contaminant risk to the water supply.  The gw site investigation is conducted by the Contaminated Sites section technical assistance staff who work with both point source and non-point source concerns.
  • DNR’s Targeted Source Water Protection program investigates ( Video) how contaminant levels of concern get into a community’s shallow alluvial water supply and provides support to help the community implement a source water protection project.

DNR Contact:
Jeff Vansteenburg

What qualifies a Community Water Supply as a “Targeted” CWS?

  • Willing Community
  • Identified contaminant trending upward
  • Nitrates above 5 mg/L and trending upward
  • Shallow alluvial wells that are highly susceptible
  • Willing stakeholders

Who is eligible?

ALL municipalities in Iowa are eligible for the USDA CRP-Well Head Protection program.

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