Wastewater Permit Information Exchange System (WWPIE)

Wastewater Permit Information Exchange (WWPIE) Link:

To proceed to WWPIE, please use the following link:Wastewater Permit Information Exchange (WWPIE).

Wastewater Permit Information Exchange (WWPIE) Basic Information:

WWPIE has three main functions:

  • providing public access to pdf versions of individual NPDES permits
  • allowing interested persons to register, save searches, comment on draft permits, and receive permit notifications
  • allowing permittee to submit individual NPDES permit applications online

WWPIE provides public access to individual NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permits for the State of Iowa.  In WWPIE, you may search for active individual NPDES permits, such as city or industry wastewater permits, by proceeding to the search page.  The permit details pages in WWPIE provide basic information on the permits, permit delay reasons (if applicable), and links to the permitting documents.  General Permits Nos. 1 - 7 are not included in WWPIE and facilities covered by these permits will not appear in the search.  Only final and draft individual NPDES permits are included in WWPIE.  Expired, closed, or revoked permits are not searchable. 

Persons interested in NPDES permitting in Iowa can register, save searches, and comment on draft NPDES permits in WWPIE.  When an individual NPDES permit is drafted, there is a 45-day public notice period in which interested person can submit comments on the draft permit.  WWPIE allows for the submittal of electronic comments during the public notice period.  In addition, registered users can opt to receive email notifications when individual permits are drafted or finalized in a specific search area, so users can know when to comment on draft permits or can track permit issuance.  Please view the WWPIE User Manual or the FAQ document in WWPIE for more information on registering, saving searches, commenting, and receiving notifications in WWPIE.

NPDES permit holders or their designees can register and apply for new or renewals of individual NPDES permits in WWPIE.  Individual NPDES permit holders will receive a permit application letter in the mail prior to their permit renewal that will contain more information on submitting a permit application in WWPIE.  Entities interested in applying for a permit for a new discharger can register and submit a new permit notification form on WWPIE.  Please view the WWPIE User Manual or the FAQ document in WWPIE for more information on registering as an applicant or signatory, completing permit applications, and submitting permit applications in WWPIE.

For questions on WWPIE, please refer to the WWPIE User Manual or contact courtney.cswercko@dnr.iowa.gov or mark.lasnek@dnr.iowa.gov.

Information on Permits Not in WWPIE:

If you wish to obtain information on an individual permit not included in WWPIE (a pending permit for a new discharger or a closed, revoked, or expired permit), please contact a permit writer listed in the NPDES Staff Roster.  If you wish to see a list of the active individual permits in Iowa, please refer to the Current NPDES Permits page.

If you wish to see information on the discharges authorized under the storm water General Permits, #1 for Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity, #2 for Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity for Construction Activities, and #3 for Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity from Asphalt Plants, Concrete Batch Plants, Rock Crushing Plants and Construction Sand and Gravel Facilities, please go to the Online Storm Water Permit database.  If you wish to apply for coverage under General Permit #1, #2, or #3 online, please go to the Online Storm Water General Permit Application page.

There is currently no listing of the discharges authorized under General Permits #4, #5, #6, and #7 on the webpage.  For more information on these general permits, please see the NPDES General Permits page.