Solid Waste EMS Participant Information

Solid Waste EMS program is a voluntary alternative to Iowa’s Comprehensive Planning program. For more information about Iowa’s Solid Waste EMS program visit

After applying to the program, and being designated an EMS by the Environmental Protection Commission, program participants are coached in the ten “Elements” of Iowa’s Solid Waste EMS. This web page contains training information and example documents from that training. Along the right side of the page the Electronic Document Retrieval system may be utilized to review EMS participant reports and EMS Audit reports along with other program information.

Current Solid Waste EMS Participants
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EMS Success Stories 2016

Other Resources:

Greenhouse Gas Tracking Software & Information

Annual Reports & External Audit Reports - see electronic document retrieval instructions on the right sidebar

DNR Contact:
Leslie Goldsmith
Training Materials & Example Documents
+ Solid Waste EMS Overview
+ Core Team - Roles & Responsibilities
+ Documentation & Records
+ Fenceline
+ Gap Analysis
+ Environmental Policy Statement
+ Activities, Aspects & Impacts
+ Objectives & Targets
+ Action Plans
+ Monitoring & Measurement
+ Legal & Other
+ Communication, Training & Awareness
+ Assessment/Audit
+ Re-evaluation & Modification
Electronic Document Retrieval

Comprehensive Planning, Solid Waste EMS, Waste Flow and Goal Progress Files

EMS Participants
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