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Multi-Unit Recycling

Starting a recycling program or improving one that is already in place can be done following several steps. They are tools to help start or improve recycling for people who own, manage and dwell in “Multi-unit residential housing.”

5 Steps to Reduced Trash Hauling $ in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

5 Steps Worksheet

Step 1 - Evaluate
Figure out your present situation. How many waste and recycling containers are available? Are they being filled up each week? How much does it cost to get them hauled to the landfill or recycling facility?

    Waste Generation Spreadsheet

Step 2 - Assess

Check out what the options are regarding trash/recycling. What is the end date of the present waste contract? If recycling is not included perhaps it may be added. Compile a list of potential vendors. Send out a Request for Proposals to vendors.

    Sample Waste and Recycling Request for Proposal

Step 3 - Plan
Implementing a recycling program varies from building to building because each has its own special characteristics. It’s important to take those into account! Use the tools available to your advantage.

    Sample Ordinance on Recycling in Multifamily Housing
    Tenant Lease Language or Condominium By-Laws Insert
    City of Des Moines & West Des Moines - Multi Family Recycling Ordinance

Step 4 - Educate
Residents and staff must be educated about the new and/or improved recycling program. People learn best when the things they need to know are repeated in several ways – such as through letters to residents, posters, flyers and newsletter. You could invite the local recycling coordinator in to speak.

    Sample Letter to Residents

Step 5 - Monitor & Encourage
If possible, document the results of what is being recycled – have your hauler report back the number of pounds you are diverting from the landfill through recycling. People are motived by results – make a poster with a graph demonstrating decreasing waste and increasing recycling.

    Resident Pledge Card
    'Why Recycle' Poster

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