Automotive Products Recycling Information

Used Oil

When disposed of improperly, used oil can be hazardous to human health and the environment. Never pour used oil down any type of drain, into a sanitary sewer or onto the ground. One pint of oil can form a slick as big as a football field on a lake or pond.  Remember it is the law in Iowa that no motor oil can be disposed of in the trash.

What happens to the used oil I bring in for recycling?
Used oil is recycled by being re-refined to remove contaminants and water.   Recycled oil displaying either of the below two pictures, meets the same certification as virgin motor oil and can be used for engines or as lubricating oil.

API “Donut”   ILSAC Starburst

Used Oil Filters
Even after a filter has been drained according to federal guidelines, several ounces of oil may remain trapped in the filter. This oil may leach out and contaminate the land or ground and surface waters. It is the law in Iowa that businesses must recycle all oil filters they generate.

What happens to the used oil filters I bring in to be recycled?
The filter is crushed, shredded or heated to remove the oil for recycling. The scrap metal is sent to smelters where it is used in steel products, which saves four times as much energy as virgin iron ore and conserves natural resources. Recovered oil is also recycled.

Lead-Acid Batteries
Lead-acid batteries contain an average of 17.5 pounds of lead and 1.5 gallons of sulfuric acid. Improperly disposed lead-acid batteries can corrode; releasing lead and sulfuric acid.  In Iowa, it is illegal to dispose of lead acid batteries in the garbage. The law also requires that retailers accept your old lead acid battery at the point of sale, when you buy a new one.

Used Antifreeze
The main chemical in most antifreezes is ethylene glycol, a deadly but sweet-tasting poison. Because of its sweet taste, children, wildlife and pets are attracted to it. As little as two ounces can kill a dog and only two tablespoons is hazardous to a child. Always store used or unused antifreeze out of the reach of children and pets and never store antifreeze in a container that once held a beverage.

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