Illegal Dumping

 Illegally dumped stoveIllegal dumping, also known as open dumping, includes the improper disposal of solid waste through depositing, dumping or abandoning waste in ditches, along roadways and on others' property.

Old tires, appliances, construction and demolition waste, trash, and even hazardous chemicals are thrown into Iowa's waterways, dumped along waterways and discarded in remote rural areas or vacant areas within Iowa communities.

Illegal dumping impacts the environment, the character of neighborhoods and the quality of life of local residents. It causes safety hazards to the public and costs local governments millions of dollars every year in cleanup costs.

Open Dumping Regulations



  • Illegal Dumping Prevention Handbook - Published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • A Community Guide to Combat Illegal Dumping
  • Keep Iowa Beautiful is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated in engaging Iowans to take greater responsibility for improving their community environment and enhancing the beauty of their state through litter prevention, reduction and beautification programs.
    • KIB Illegal Dumping - Keep Iowa Beautiful has programs and equipment that can aid in the development of a prevention program through the use of surveillance equipment.
    • Beautification Grant Program - The Iowa DNR contracts with KIB to administer this program.  The program is intended to leverage local dollars, support volunteer efforts and encourage the work of communities with the desire for improving the image and appearance of their areas. Community beautification including public education & awareness, recycling, litter reduction, public nuisance abatement, creation or improvements to green spaces.