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January 2015: Annual Report Edition

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Executive Summary 

Welcome to the 2014 Year in Review issue of our newsletter.  We hope you find it interesting and useful.  While the main focus of this issue is to keep our stakeholders abreast of all the activities and accomplishments of the past year, we also see it as an opportunity to let you know that we are also looking forward.    A new year is like a blank page: full of opportunity to make changes and to continually improve.  So in the upcoming year, we will continue to provide the programs we always have but with customer service and efficiencies in mind.  In addition, we will be providing multiple training and workshop opportunities that are timely and relevant to today’s organizations.  Finally, we will be focused on food waste which is a growing issue of concern for Iowa and the United States.  We commissioned a food waste generation study of the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Analysis of study results combined with mapping generator and existing organics management infrastructure, will allow the department to strategically focus efforts to assist managing food waste for its highest and best use in the most efficient and economical manner. The study is scheduled to be completed this summer.

Below is a sampling of our 2014 highlights that are detailed further in the newsletter:

  • Participation and interest in the 3rd year of the Derelict Building Grant continues to be robust.  We received 40 applications in the third year requesting $1,854,598.00.  We were able to fund 17 projects totaling $ 548,111.50 with cash matches of $546,506.50.   11 of the 17 projects funded in 2014 have been completed and combined for a total of 5070.35 tons diverted and a landfill savings of $119,286.50.
  • Investing over $1.5 million dollars and leveraging almost $ 915,000 dollars of local share in Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP) grants and loans to implement waste reduction, recycling, market development, and public education projects across the state.
  • The Iowa Waste Exchange and its representatives matched over 115,000 tons of materials in 2014, and diverted these items from the landfill.  In total, they saved Iowa companies a little over $2.3 million in disposal costs in 2014.
  • Saving Iowa business and Industries over $1.6 million dollars in implemented savings through projects in the 2014 Pollution Prevention (P2) Intern program.
  • Over $500,000 in program investment to financially assist Regional Collection Centers (RCCs) in managing household hazardous materials (HHMs) generated by households and eligible businesses.  Over 7 million pounds of HHMs were removed from the solid waste stream for proper management through the RCC program.

The map below shows locations of various FABA projects and the investments made in communities across the state.

If you would like any further information on the programs or the stories reported in the newsletter, do not hesitate to contact me or one of the FABA team members.  We welcome your questions or feedback.  This newsletter is for you, so if there's something you would like to see, please let us know.

Jennifer Wright
Financial and Business Assistance Supervisor

Derelict Building Grant Program 

View the Derelict Building Grant Program 2014 summary.

For more information on the program, go to the Derelict Building Grant webpage.

DNR Contact: Scott Flagg at 515-725-8318 or Scott.Flagg@dnr.iowa.gov.

Environmental Management Systems/Comprehensive Planning 

View the Environmental Management Systems/Comprehensive Planning 2014 summary.
For more information on the program, go to the EMS webpage or Comprehensive Planning webpage.
DNR Contact: Leslie Goldsmith at 515-725-8319 or Leslie.Goldsmith@dnr.iowa.gov

Household Hazardous Materials 

View the Household Hazardous Materials Program 2014 summary.
For more information on the program, go to the HHM webpage.
DNR Contact: Kathleen Hennings at 515-725-8359 or Kathleen.Hennings@dnr.iowa.gov

Iowa Waste Exchange 

View the Iowa Waste Exchange 2014 summary.

For more information on the program, go to the Iowa Waste Exchange webpage.
DNR Contact: Bill Blum at 515-725-8376 or Bill.Blum@dnr.iowa.gov

Pollution Prevention Services 

View the Pollution Prevention Services 2014 summary.
For more information on the program, go to the Pollution Prevention Services webpage.
DNR Contacts:
Pollution Prevention Services: Jeff Fiagle at 515-725-8353 or Jeff.Fiagle@dnr.iowa.gov
Pollution Prevention Intern Program: Danielle Dilks at 515-725-8363 or Danielle.Dilks@dnr.iowa.gov

Solid Waste Alternatives Program 

View the Solid Waste Alternatives Program 2014 summary.
For more information on the program, go to the Solid Waste Alternatives Program webpage.  

DNR Contact: Tom Anderson at 515-725-8323 or Tom.Anderson@dnr.iowa.gov  

Solid Waste/Recycling Initiatives 

View the Solid Waste/Recycling Initiatives 2014 summary

DNR Contact: Tom Anderson at 515-725-8323 or Tom.Anderson@dnr.iowa.gov

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