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State Park Recycling Study Final Report

Waste Sort Protocol
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Check out the Planet Patrol series of short environmental videos by kids for kids (10 to 15 year olds).

For a copy of the DVD with the Planet Patrol & Trailer videos, please contact Amy Wilken at Amy.Wilken@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-8349.

The Financial and Business Assistance (FABA) team at the DNR is equipped to work with clients to provide financial and technical assistance resulting in cost-effective improvements, opportunities for increased productivity and positive environmental impacts.

Read about the programs in the FABA fact sheet.

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Iowa Green List – The Iowa Green List is a web-based, searchable directory that allows visitors to find local contractors and vendors who offer recycling, reuse, and disposal services.  Visitors may search by material, physical location, or type of service.  Search results display contact information, operation hours, and materials accepted.

Household Hazardous Materials - The Household Hazardous Materials (HHM) program offers a variety of guidance and information on the proper management, use and disposal of HHMs to protect public health and safety and the environment. 

Automotive Products Disposal Information - The Automotive Products Disposal Directory provides more than 300 locations for do-it-yourself mechanics to take used oil, oil filters, batteries and antifreeze for recycling and proper disposal.

Iowa Waste Exchange - The Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE) is a no-cost, non-regulatory service matching clients that have byproduct materials with other groups interested in using or recycling those materials. IWE representatives coordinate the confidential exchanges.

Mobile Education Exhibit - The Mobile Education Exhibit was created to showcase environmental topics and is an all-inclusive education experience that includes informative displays, touch screen computers with games, flat screen televisions and more. 

Pollution Prevention Services - Companies can save money, increase profits, operate more efficiently and improve the environment through Pollution Prevention (P2) Services. P2 Services provides confidential, non-regulatory technical assistance at no cost to Iowa businesses and industries.

Pollution Prevention Intern Program - A nationally recognized program that matches Iowa college students with companies to identify P2 strategies.

Solid Waste Alternatives Program - Through a competitive process any unit of local government, public or private group or individual is eligible to apply for Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP) assistance to fund a variety of projects including source reduction, recycling and education.

Derelict Building Program - This program was established to provide small Iowa communities and rural counties financial assistance to address neglected structures in order to improve the appearance of their streets and revitalize local economies.

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