Leaking Underground Storage Tank Forum

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Forum

On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, the Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund Board, Department of Natural Resources, Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa, and Petroleum Marketers Management Insurance Company held a forum to discuss topics relative to addressing leaking underground storage tank (LUST) sites. Over 50 people, including property owners, consultants, and UST Fund Board Members, attended the forum.

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Topics discussed included:

  1. Introduction – Dawn Carlson
    1. Panelist Introduction
    2. Housekeeping items / Format of the morning

  2. Contacts and resources  – Elaine Douskey
    Have you visited the Iowa DNR website lately? Some things have changed. Learn how to navigate through the website to find LUST forms, guidance, and staff contact information; find your site; UST Fund meeting documents.

  3. Getting LUST sites closed – Elaine Douskey and James Gastineau
    A no further action (NFA) certificate can be issued by the DNR for a LUST site if high and low risk conditions no longer exist. Learn the risk classification and corrective action planning processes.

  4. What is an ‘NFA Re-Opener’? – Elaine Douskey and James Gastineau
    The Iowa DNR may reopen a site previously classified ‘No Action Required’ if an unreasonable risk to the public health and safety is identified. Learn when a site can be reopened, the process for follow-up site assessment or corrective action activities, and the importance of obtaining an NFA certificate.

  5. UST Policy Coverage and UST Fund Benefits Overview – Scott Scheidel and Tom Norris
    What eligible costs does the UST Fund cover? How does the UST Fund Board fit into the picture of your LUST site? What does your UST policy cover? This discussion will center on what the UST Fund and your UST policy covers.

  6. Loss Portfolio Transfer – Tom Norris and Scott Scheidel
    What is a loss portfolio transfer (LPT)? How could it affect your LUST site? This presentation will detail what a LPT is, liability considerations with regards to your Fund-eligible LUST site, and the advantages & disadvantages of using LPT as a tool with the UST Fund Board including considering its anticipated sunset in 2016.

Documents and Presentations:

The forum was a collaborative effort of many and the Department sincerely thanks those who made this day a success.