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Posted 05/19/16 Corrective Action Plan Approvals at LUST Sites

Posted 03/18/16 Soil Samples – Mtbe Analysis No Longer Required

Posted 07/20/15  Consideration for Managing Contaminated Soil in Iowa

Posted 06/08/15 Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Reports

Posted 10/16/14 Laboratories and Quantitation Limits

Posted 10/03/14 Monitoring Well Soil Sampling

Posted 04/17/14 Fuel Transfers to Underground Storage Tanks: We have had a couple overfill incidents over the past month. With this attachment, the DNR’s UST Section reminds you to use your best training when transferring fuel to underground storage tanks. Please help us out by forwarding to others who may not be on our mailing list.

Posted 08/13/13 Soil Sampling Guidance For Non-High Risk Sites

Posted 08/23/12 Groundwater Sampling at UST Closure

Posted 03/14/12 Chemical Injection Permits

Posted 03/12/12 Soil Percentage Reduction

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Historic Groundwater Professional Bulletin Board Postings - These postings are still relevant, however, they have been separated from the current postings, which still appear on the Groundwater Professional Bulletin Board because they are covered in the updated Tier 2 Guidance document and no longer require a separate notice.

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