Solid Waste Permitting

The DNR regulates the construction, operation and closure of facilities and projects that manage, process and dispose solid waste. This website provides information and tools to help facilities with the permitting process, including forms, contacts and information on code requirements.

Permits are issued for: 

Appliance Demanufacturing
Beneficial Reuse
Compost facilities
E-waste / Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) device collection and recycling
Land Application
Municipal and Industrial Waste Landfills
Regional Collection Centers (RCC)
Transfer Stations and Citizen Convenience Centers
Full listing of permit types 

For facility information or a list of  Solid Waste Contacts, please visit the Solid Waste Database for more details on a specific site.

Forms for All Facilities:  

LQB Waiver/Variance Request Form (542-0004)

DNR Contact:
Amie Davidson