Do I need a Flood Plain Permit?

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulates construction on all flood plains and floodways in the state to protect life and property; and to promote the orderly development and wise use of Iowa's flood plains.

Any person who desires to construct or maintain a structure, dam, obstruction, deposit or excavation, or allow the same in any flood plain or floodway must contact the Iowa DNR Prior to the beginning of any work.  The Iowa DNR will help determine if the proposed project needs an approved flood plain development permit.

Call our Technical Assistance Help Line: 866-849-0321


Mail 1 Copy to:    US Army Engineer District
                              Rock Island Corps of Engineers
                              Clock Tower Building
                              Post Office Box 2004
                              Rock Island, Illinois 61204-2004

Mail 2 Copies to:  Iowa Department of Natural Resources
                               Flood Plain and Sovereign Lands Sections
                               502 E 9th Street
                               Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0034

Call your city and county governments to determine if you need any local permits

To request a variance from the rules, complete a Variance Request Form (542-0004)

  • Mail request with the Join Application Packet to the addresses listed above